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3 Ways to Guarantee Getting the Right Roofing Sheet for your Project

Being a trade professional, you will be expected to be able to create a functional yet attractive roofing solution for your customers. Although they will have some idea of what they want, it’s ultimately up to you to make what they have in their head a reality.

So how can you do this while keeping true to their ideas?

What Look Do They Want?

Roofing can take a variety of different looks, even if they’ve already settled on using metal roofing sheets. Many people believe that using such a material can only achieve one overall style, but as metal roof sheeting specialists, we know that this isn’t the case.

Black Tiles Roof

In fact, there are a wide range of metal roof sheet ranges which all have very different styles to make almost any desired look possible. From the extremely common corrugated steel roofing sheets and box profile steel roofing sheets which give a clean, modern look, to tile effect steel roofing sheets which take on a more realistic, rustic effect; it’s important to gauge what kind of look they want to achieve.

Think About the Pros and Cons

As you are the expert, it’s important to think about why you should use a specific roofing sheet for the project.

Although your customers will know what they want, it’s ultimately up to you to tell them which roofing option will be best for their project. You should already have some idea of which option would be best, so it’s important that you are balancing how the roof will look with which sheet roofing option to use.

For example, some sheet roofing may be more suitable for environments which are prone to severe rain than others which may corrode after being wet for a long time or are in an environment where they are in close proximity to the coast where salty sea water can affect their longevity.

Cost is also something that should be thought about. You won’t want to cut the amount you are spending on materials too much as this often reflects the quality of the material, but it’s important to shop around for the best roofing sheet deal that you can find for the quality that you are looking for.

That’s where we come in at Bushbury Cladding. We have a wide variety of roof sheeting products that are not only unbeatable in quality, but are at competitive prices, too. We only stock the best, so if you’re looking for reliable, durable and attractive roof sheeting for your project, feel free to get in touch with us by calling 01902 229412 today, we will be happy to help.