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Four Common Myths About Metal Roofing

It seems that myths spring up in almost every area of life. Even relatively sedate and functional items like galvanised steel roofing sheets are not immune. Here are four of the most common myths surrounding metal roof sheets along with the actual facts.


By far the most common myth is that a metal roof will turn your house into some kind of massive conductor, increasing the risk of your home being struck by lightning. In truth, metal has no attractive effect on lightning. Granted, it is an excellent conductor of electricity, but it doesn’t draw it in. It’s worth remembering that, as a non-combustible material, metal is less susceptible to lightning damage than some other roofing surfaces.

Myth or reality? A question in vintage letterpress wood type against grunge painted wood


That metal roofs are noisy is another widespread myth: if you’ve ever been in a metal caravan you’ll know how loud the rain can be when it bounces off the roof. In a house, though, this isn’t the case. Steel roofing sheets are installed over your existing roof, including the insulation and attic space, so it is unlikely to be any louder than other roofing material.


Metal roof sheets are thin and lightweight, so it stands to reason that they would suffer damage from hailstones, or people walking about on them, right? Wrong. Professionally fitted, high-quality metal roof sheets are very strong and incredibly tough. Hail damage, especially in the UK, is virtually unheard of. As for walking on them, for access or repair purposes, it’s perfectly safe, as long as you take care to step in the right places.

Heat Loss

We know that metal is an efficient conductor of heat as well as electricity so many make the assumption that a metal roof lets all the heat escape from the house, resulting in a cold house during winter. In fact, the addition of a metal roof has no effect on heat loss, as it’s the insulation in your attic floor that keeps the heat in.

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