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Six Reasons to Consider A Metal Roof

Ducker Research Company asked what the most important elements in selecting a roof were and the results were surprising. Ranking first was the life-span of the roof, and the cost to maintain the roof over this life-span ranked second. The initial cost of installation was ranked just ninth out of ten. With these results in mind, there are few better options than a metal roof. Herein we consider why a metal roof is well worth considering for your property.

1. Reduce Life-Span Costs

Metal roofs are hard wearing and require very little in the way of maintenance to keep them going. With metal roofing sheets you can expect a life-span of 40 years without the need to carry out expensive repairs. A typical roof will last just 23 years and will need maintenance every 3-5 years.

2. Reduce Heating Costs

Metal roofs can also help you to conserve energy from heating. With proper insulation and internal ventilation, a metal roof can save you a great deal on heating costs throughout the year.

3. Reduce Air Conditioning Costs

Metal roofing built with a cavity above the insulation can also help to keep your property cool in the summer. By allowing the hot air to escape instead of being absorbed into the property you can dramatically reduce the costs of cooling in the summer. Galvanised steel roofing sheets will also help to repel the heat and reflect the sun’s rays away.

4. Decrease Lighting Requirements

Given the easy modular design of metal roofing, it is also possible to reduce the lighting needs of the property with skylights. Skylights will allow you to save up to 55% of annual lighting costs in a typical business and they are far easier and cheaper to install with metal roofing sheets .

5. Increase Sustainability

Metal roofing sheets are also ideal for the installation of solar panels and solar thermal heating, which means you can make your property far more sustainable into the future. Even at the point where your metal roof needs replacing it will all be recyclable, making this a very environmentally friendly material.

6. Increase Property Value

The five factors above all combine to increase the property value when you install metal roofing. With metal roofing, you can benefit from a more sustainable and cheaper to run building that will be both easier to rent and sell as a result.