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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying and Installing Metal Roofing Sheets

Word is that metal roofing sheets can last up to 50 years. While there is truth in that, you need to use appropriate care when choosing, installing and maintaining your roofing. You can only reap the benefits of metal roofing sheets, if they’re installed correctly. By avoiding the following mistakes, you can achieve the best results for years to come.

a house with metal sheets on its roof

1. Using the Wrong Type of Underlayment

Underlayment protects against leaks should your metal roofing have any weaknesses. The best underlay for metal roofing sheets will have a smooth, non-granulated surface which won’t damage or scratch the metal sheets. The most common type of underlayment for metal roofing sheets is felt. This felt comes in two thickness, #15 and #30. In very wet conditions, #30 is recommended, but otherwise #15 is a safe bet.

2. Using the Wrong Type of Metal

With so much to choose from, it’s easy to choose the wrong metal roofing sheets and come to regret it later. You might be a dedicated eco-warrior, seduced by the allure of a 100% recyclable copper, but if you live near the coast then you should choose a metal more suited to your environment.  The metal roofing of coastal properties should be aluminium, because it is one of the more resistant metals when it comes to combating the corrosive effects of moisture and sea salt.

3. Using the Wrong Thickness of Metal

There can be some variation in thickness between companies if you are selecting your thickness based on ‘metal roofing gauges’. For a precise measurement, ask for decimals instead.

You’ll also want to know whether this measurement includes the paint coating, as this is sometimes included in the measurement given to consumers. If your metal roofing is pre-painted, you’ll also want to be sure that it is good-quality paint, or it will be subject to faster weathering.

4. Not Consulting a Specialist Before Buying

In order to offset the chances of using the wrong type of metal or the wrong thickness, you should consult a specialist before you jump into purchasing your metal roofing sheets. A specialist will ensure that you don’t have to do as much difficult research when figuring out what to buy. You can talk to us at Bushbury Cladding, if you need advice on buying and installing your metal roofing sheets.

Shaking Hands with a Contractor

5. Assuming any Roofer can Install Metal Roof Sheets

Any roofer can say that they can handle any material; however, you want a professional who won’t cause you trouble later down the line. You need to ask questions about their level of experience, whether they offer any guarantees, and their certification to ensure you’re paying for a stress-free installation that will hopefully last a lifetime. The right roofing team will save you both money and labour, since you won’t have to worry about repairs.

6. Wrong Roof Measurements

There is a common saying in the construction world when it comes to roofing installation: measure twice and cut once. Before you embark on purchasing metal roofing or installation, you need to ensure your measurements are as accurate as possible to avoid wasting material, and to avoid wasting time when you need to buy replacement materials if your sheets don’t fit. Faulty cutting can also compromise the efficiency of the roof, increasing the possibility of leaks in the future.

7. Installing onto an Uninsured Roof

Some metal roofing sheets can be installed over pre-existing shingles, but this isn’t covered by all insurance companies, so it’s best to check first. Applying new metal roofing sheets onto old sheets can also get quite heavy, so while this method will save time, you may need to get help from a structural engineer to check that your property can bear the extra weight.

There’s plenty that can go wrong when you’re preparing your property for its new metal roofing sheets, but by contacting Bushbury Cladding for information and advice you can easily avert these disasters.