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A Low Maintenance Option

Metal roof sheets are an excellent choice for domestic and commercial properties due to their versatile designs and relatively low price point compared to traditional roof shingles. At Bushbury Cladding LTD our metal roofs offer all the benefits of steel, combined with the classic appearance of other popular roofing materials.

With the right level of care and maintenance, metal roof sheets also represent an excellent investment, lasting on average two to three times longer than materials such as wood and asphalt. You don’t need to worry about damp or rot, and your roof will likely maintain an as-new appearance for many years after installation.

Rust Proofing

Rust texture zinc wall for background

Our metal roof sheets have special metallic coatings to protect against rust and corrosion, with a painted finish to preserve a clean and attractive appearance.


Varnishing your metal roof sheets isn’t strictly necessary, however it can add to the protection and durability of your roof while adding an attractive sheen. Even a thin mix with acrylic varnish can offer decades of protection with minimal fuss.

Weather Resistance

Large Waves Breaking Against Sea Wall At Dawlish In Devon

Metal roof sheets are extremely hard-wearing and capable of withstanding practically everything British weather might throw at them. They are water resistant, durable against hail and heavy snow, and in the unlikely event of your roof being struck by lightning, the energy is simply absorbed through the structure with no risk to the people inside.


One common concern about metal roofing is that the material may create noise during heavy rainfall and other inclement weather. Our metal roof sheets are designed to ensure that any noise is minimised to a level comparable to non-metal roof products.


Condensation mirror

If you’re concerned about the effects of condensation in your home, we can provide non-drip sheeting featuring a thick anti-condensation membrane attached to the underside of the roof sheets, to stop rain and condensation from dripping and potentially causing water damage.

Energy Saving

Metal roof sheets are an excellent way to reduce your energy bills due to their heat-reflecting properties and ease of insulation.

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