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Are Galvanised Steel Roofing Sheets Right for Your Commercial Premises?

One of the most durable roofing materials on the market, galvanised steel roofing sheets are a familiar sight in commercial and agricultural buildings. So are they the right choice for your commercial premises?

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Extremes of Toughness

Corrugated roofing sheets are renowned for their toughness, lasting upwards of 50 years. They’re also exceptionally weather resistant, able to resist everything from extremes of heat and cold to snow and hailstones. They’ll even withstand a hurricane, they’re so strong. It’s all down to the way that metal roof sheets react to extremes of temperature. And all this durability comes wrapped up in the form of lightweight roofing sheets that put less stress on the fabric of the building and are quick and easy to install and maintain, reducing your costs considerably.

Galvanised Steel – The Perfect Material?

Galvanised steel has been coated with a layer of zinc oxide that makes it resistant to corrosion, extra durable and scratch resistant. The process of galvanisation allows the zinc to form a strong and secure bond directly with the steel itself, which can be very beneficial for galvanised steel roofing sheets. The zinc coating makes it extremely difficult for a reaction between the iron in the steel and elements such as water or oxygen to occur, providing a long lasting protection against rust.

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The Benefits for Your Business

If you’re considering using galvanised steel corrugated roof sheets for your commercial premises, the benefits are clear. You’ll protect your stock from damage since metal roofing is fire resistant and non-combustible, is not vulnerable to insect infestations and galvanised sheets won’t rust and allow moisture to penetrate the building. You’ll also reduce your cooling costs in the summer when you coat your metal roof with a suitable product like reflective paint. And if your business has a reputation for being eco-friendly, metal roofing is 100% recyclable, making it an environmentally sound and sustainable choice.

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