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The Benefits of Anti-Condensation Roofing

Left untreated, condensation can cause problems that are costly to repair. By using anti condensation roofing sheets you can eliminate condensation problems and prolong the lifespan of your Steel Roofing Sheets.

Why Condensation Can be a Problem

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Modern building regulations have sought to increase airtightness in buildings, which has worked to increase the risk of condensation. The lack of airflow in many modern constructions means that the water cannot naturally evaporate and escape, and that can have a knock-on effect in terms of condensation damage. Breathable synthetic materials can work well to prevent condensation causing you problems, so long as it’s installed with a sufficient air gap.

How to Control Condensation

Choosing metal roofing is sensible because it doesn’t absorb moisture. However, where humidity and temperature fluctuations occur, either inside or outside your building, the dew point will inevitably be reached. The more condensation forms, the more droplets will gather and start to fall, creating an unpleasant and uncomfortable atmosphere inside. The traditional solution has been to insulate, but this can prevent airflow which means the moisture becomes trapped in the insulating material.

Our Anti Condensation Roofing Sheets are a simple and cost-effective solution. By trapping the moisture in the membrane, it can be stored until the weather warms up again. Then the membrane dries and the moisture is simply released back into the atmosphere, through evaporation.

A Durable Solution

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Our anti-condensation roofing sheets are available for use with box profile, corrugated and tile effect sheets and they won’t rip, tear or degrade like insulation can. These types of breathable membranes are also easy to keep clean and hygienic with a hose down with a pressure washer.

Can I Retrofit Retro Condensation Roofing Sheets?

Yes, you can, as long as you choose the right profile for your Metal Roof Sheets. In fact, if you’re experiencing condensation issues, you’d be well advised to treat the problem as quickly as possible with a modern and cost-effective solution.

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