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The Benefits of Metal Roofing Over Traditional Options

Choosing the right roofing for your home is a very important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It will affect the aesthetics of the home, for once, and it will also determine factors like insulation.

Whether you’re building a home or refurbishing it, opting for metal roofing can add significant value to it. this is because metal roofing presents a wide range of advantages that traditional roofing does not, which makes it a popular option for many homes across the UK.


Metal roofs have a long lifespan, which is why many people choose them. After all, when considering the type of roof for your home, you want it to withstand the test of time – and adverse weather conditions as well. Metal roofing can last anywhere between 40 to 70 years, depending on the type of metal, and are incredibility resilient.

This also means you won’t need to worry about maintenance as much as you would with traditional roofing. Metal is resistant to fire, mildew, and rot as well, which is another worry you can cross off your mind.


Compared to traditional roofing, such as tile, metal roofs are lightweight. You can have metal sheets that vary from 50 to 150 pounds per square feet, while concrete tiles, for instance, can weigh as much as 900 pounds per square feet. This is a great benefit, as it means you can reduce the number of roof support components and, of course, stay well within budget!

Energy Conservation

Metal is a reflective material, which means it absorbs less heat than some traditional types of roof, like shingles. During the summer months, your home will be cooler with metal roofing, which can help you save money on the air conditioner.


Your home can have beautiful roofing if you opt for metal sheets. Because this is such a versatile material, you can choose any design or architectural style you want, whether you prefer a rustic appearance or a sleek, contemporary design.


Metal roofing is also incredibly eco-friendly, another reason why a great number of homeowners are opting for it. In our increasingly eco-conscious society, every little bit helps, so having a roof that contains a high percentage of recycled materials is a great way to help the environment.

Metal Roof

When it comes time to choose your roofing, it’s important to consider the advantages of metal roof sheets. Metal roofing can give you a wealth of benefits, so they’re certainly a popular option you should take into consideration! Contact us by calling 01902 229412 to learn more about our products and how they can help you create the home of your dreams.