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Best of British: The Advantages of Using British Steel

At Bushbury Cladding, we’re proud to be a family run business which uses only the best quality material for our roof sheets, which – in our eyes – is our very own British steel.

We want our customers to be sure that they can rely on their roof sheeting to be durable and long lasting, something that we believe can only be achieved using the very best British steel that is available right here in the UK.

But why do we think that British steel is the best material for the job? Here’s three of the main reasons that we choose this material every single time!

It Supports the British Steel Industry

As a local family business, we know how tough it can be for industries to stay afloat, especially in the economic climate that we’re currently experiencing.

hot steel on conveyor in steel mill
We strive to support as many local businesses and industries as possible, which includes sourcing our materials from companies which are located right here in Britain. Doing this allows us to ensure that the quality and durability of the materials that we are investing in are guaranteed, giving us the opportunity to pass on great quality products to our customers.

We know how hard these industries work, which makes it even more rewarding to support such a great industry over importing steel from another country.

It Is Extremely Durable

Some people may argue that steel is steel, no matter where it comes from, but here at Bushbury Cladding we know that isn’t strictly true.

The composition of steelwork, especially for purposes such as our roof sheeting products, can be extremely tricky to create, especially as the people investing in these products will be relying on their durability.

This is why we prefer to go to the steel experts directly here in the UK who will be able to create steel that is fit for purpose. Whether it’s an extra durable roof sheet or a super flexible steel sheet, these steel experts are able to advise us on which product needs certain steel compositions in order to be successful and reliable.

It Passes on Savings to You

Investing in British steel allows us to pass on more savings to you; after all, we’re not having to pay import costs or paying out more in exchange rates to bring good quality products to you.

Being able to source steel from Britain allows us to keep production costs to a minimum so you can benefit from cheaper products which are still great quality!

We really believe that the best steel for our roof sheeting is British steel, and we hope that you enjoy the benefits that come along with the wonderful steel sheet roof that we provide. If you’d like more information about our roofing and cladding services here at Bushbury Cladding, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 01902 229412 today!