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Can You Use Solar Panels with Metal Roof Sheets?

If you want to know whether you can use metal roof sheets with solar panels, then the answer is yes. Whether it’s in a domestic or commercial setting, adding solar panels to your metal roof can help to create a truly eco-friendly property.

Solar Panels are Easy to Mount

In fact, adding solar panels to a standing seam metal roof couldn’t be easier. Using a mounting system that simply clamps to the seams in the roof means that solar panel installation is quick and easy and will not damage your steel roofing sheets. If you have tile effect roofing sheets on your building’s roof then the installer will simply swap out sections of the roof and insert sections with the mountings built in. Standing seam roofs are also ideal for hosting thin film panels which are more aesthetic and produce lower emissions than conventional solar panels.

solar panels on roof

Metal Roofing Will Outlast your Solar Panels

It’s true. Your metal roof is more durable than any other conventional roofing material and that has clear benefits when it comes to installing solar panels. With each panel lasting up to 30 years, you need a roof that won’t need repairs before then, resulting in the additional costs of dismounting and remounting solar panels. Metal roofing will outlast the life of your panels, reducing cost and hassle.

Solar Panels Maximise Cooling Benefits

Another of the outstanding benefits of a metal roof is that once coated in reflective paint, it can keep your property cool in summer and thus reduce energy bills if you rely on air conditioning. Install solar panels and you’ll further shade the roof’s surface for superior cooling.

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The Perfect Eco-Friendly Mix

When you’re considering going solar then ease of installation, the durability of your roof and environmental concerns are all top of the agenda. That’s where a metal roof can really deliver thanks to its long life and green credentials. By mixing recyclable solar panels and roofing sheets made from durable metal, you’ll create the perfect eco-friendly mix. At Bushbury Cladding, we’re the metal roofing experts, so why not contact us for more details?