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Choose the Right Colour for Spring

Spring has officially sprung and many are already enjoying the warmer weather, with the typical splash of rain that the UK enjoys no matter the season. But, for those of us hard at work on home improvements in time for summer then the season can be a source of something else: inspiration. Your outdoor buildings could be made up of typical greys, but for those who want to add a little colour to your life then spring can bring you a great swarm of ideas.

So, what colours should you choose this Spring to make your outdoor buildings feeling as fresh as the season?

Springing Green

Green is the typical colour of spring. It is bright, vibrant and contains all of the wonders of nature within its pigments. Forest, juniper or olive green are the typical shades that can bring a new spruce of life to your outdoor buildings. Depending on your preference, you can choose a more understated green such as the olive or go for the full vibrancy of the forest.

At the end of the day, a more natural look for your home’s roofing or outer buildings can be much more aesthetically pleasing for yourself and anyone who visits.



The more vibrant your colour scheme, the bolder you are, the more you may find that your choice is something you really love. Fate favours the bold is a little heavy handed for this situation – just a little – but, it is a sentiment that rings true in most situations. For this, you may choose terracotta. A rich, vibrant reddish colour which can add the colour that your property is desperately in need of.



Or you could attempt to make your building blend more into nature with a tasteful Vandyke Brown. This is the colour that was used for many years in art as it helps to create a natural forestry feel. This colour on your roofing can, similarly, create a building that almost blends in with nature itself. Use a green colour for the walls in conjunction with this, and you will have a building that you are at risk of misplacing from time to time!

If you’re considering a metal roof for your property, contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you on the best colour and finish for your home or outdoor building.

Or check out our handy colour chart for some inspiration this spring!