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Condensation Can Be Costly: Avoid it with Anti-Condensation Roofing Sheets

Anti-condensation roofing sheets are designed to be installed on roofs which are subject to condensation from the inside. The purpose of these sheets is to prevent dripping onto the floor or giving rise to mould. They can be used on both domestic and commercial projects.

Some of the most popular types of buildings which can be improved by these roofing sheets include:

• House extensions
• Garages
• Parapet roofs
• Agricultural buildings
• Uninsulated warehouses
• Open shelters

Condensation on window

What are Anti-Condensation Roofing Sheets Made From and How Do They Work?

Condensation occurs on the underside of metal roof sheets when the temperature of the sheet is lower than the dew point of the air below the sheet. Anti-con sheets are essentially steel roof sheets which have been pre-coated with a fibre-based moisture-absorbing fabric on the underside. This fibre fabric has the potential to absorb between 800g and 1kg of water per square metre, which is generally considered sufficient for most applications. Between periods of condensation, the fabric dries out.

How are Anti-Condensation Roofing Sheets Installed?

Anti-con sheets are installed using pretty much the same processes as standard metal roof sheets. However, it is advisable to take care not to damage any of the fibre during installation/transportation. The porous surface of the fibre material can be quite easily soiled, and it is recommended that gloves are worn when handling anti-condensation sheets.

If you currently have a problem with condensation, it’s best to get it sorted as soon as possible. Untreated condensation can cause mould, damp and even rotting – and any repairs could be costly.

By alleviating the problem with anti-condensation roofing sheets, you will prevent any serious structural damage and save money in the long run. For more information on how anti-con sheets could transform your domestic or commercial project, simply contact us and a member of our team of roofing experts will be happy to assist.