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Create An Outdoor Dining Area You Can Use Year Round

The weather in the UK fights against the practicality of having an outdoor dining area, but with the right materials and some commitment to the cause you can create an outdoor dining area that is fit for use all year round. Here we explore the steps you need to take to do so.

Landscaped Garden with Wooden Dining Table Set in the Shade of Trees

Consider the Wind

You need to consider the wind when planning where to put your outdoor dining area. The direction of the prevailing wind in your back garden will be easy to determine and you should structure your outdoor dining area to have a wall facing in this direction. A wooden wall or wall made of metal roof sheets will keep the wind off and keep the rain from being blown in too.

Use Sturdy Materials

However you build the outdoor dining area, you will need to use sturdy materials. The materials will take a beating through the winter so all woods need to be properly treated to resist this or be painted to protect them from the wind and water. You should also opt for a long-lasting roof that will resist the conditions. A roof made of lightweight steel roofing sheets will give you the strength you need while remaining easy to install and fit. Make the right investment in the materials for your beams, walls and roofing so that you can use this dining area year round and for a number of years.

Get Weatherproof Furniture

No matter how well you protect the outdoor area it will still be exposed to sun, rain, wind, cold and heat, so it needs to be weatherproof for UK conditions. If you are using wood then you should treat it with Teak Oil to protect it. A good alternative option would be to use metal furniture.

Add Some Heating

The final touch to making your outdoor dining area more effective all year round is to install some form of heating. This will make it a more pleasant place to relax in the autumn, winter and spring and will extend the comfort into the night in the summer too. A small wood burning stove installed with a flue extended through the sheets will offer the best heating but a gas standing heater can make the area more pleasant too.

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