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Get Creative with Old Roofing Sheets

If it’s time to replace your roofing sheets with some new ones, you may be wondering what to do with the old ones. You could just throw them away, but that would be incredibly wasteful when there are so many creative things you can use old metal roofing sheets for.

If your old sheets aren’t in a bad condition, you should consider keeping some of them for DIY projects of your own to spruce up the home. Here are just some ideas for how you can upcycle those old metal roofing sheets to give them a new purpose:

DIY Projects


  • Raised flower bed

Just take a look at this fantastic raised flower bed made from metal roofing sheets. With just four pieces of metal roofing sheet, some lumber planks and some screws, you can craft a wonderfully unique flower bed to grow your very own stunning garden.

  • Shelving unit

If you fancy a bit of DIY around the house and want to build a shelving unit, why not consider incorporating some of those old roofing sheets into the design? Just take a look at this great outdoor shelving unit that has been made from wood but with metal roofing sheets as the door’s interior. Not only is metal incredibly durable, but you’ll save on costs by not having to buy as much lumber to complete the whole unit.

  • Garden fence

A garden fence isn’t just to secure a space and mark boundaries, they can add some serious kerb appeal to your home and frame your garden beautifully. Metal roofing sheets might not sound like they’d make a particularly attractive looking fence, but just take a look at this one with the metal incorporated into the lumber structure. It certainly gives a wonderfully rustic look to any garden space.

  • Bird house/chicken coop

Fancy yourself a bit of a bird watcher? Or are you looking to get your very own chickens? Old metal roofing sheets are a great material for making your very own bird houses or chicken coops. Use your old roofing to make some durable, cost-effective roofing for your feathered friends.

Art for the Home

  • Signs

If you fancy sprucing up your home with some unique artwork, old metal roofing sheets are certainly ideal for this. Take a look at this arrow made from corrugated roof sheets, framed by wood. This signpost would certainly help anybody find their way. It would be ideal for a rustic themed wedding to direct guests from the ceremony to the reception.

  • Hanging art

This love heart made from old metal roofing sheets is certainly a unique take on these kinds of decorative plaques. If your kitchen is full of boring wooden signs plastered with phrases and sayings, why not jazz them up a bit by making them out of metal roofing sheets? They certainly add a layer of edge to this kind of décor.

  • Christmas decorations

Trying to go green next Christmas? Forget the tinsel, plastic trees and cheap inflatable snowmen, what you need are some beautiful decorations made from old metal roofing sheets. Just look at this wonderful reindeer cut out of roofing sheet, imagine how wonderfully Christmassy your home would look sporting these rather than some rubbish plastic ones bought from a pound shop. They look beautiful and help make your Christmas more sustainable.

  • Murals

Are you an artist? Well, forget the canvas, old metal roofing sheets can be used to paint that stunning mural for your garden or home. Take a look at these two, both painted with beautiful designs that really add a touch of colour to an otherwise plain setting. The corrugated nature of roofing sheets also helps to add some wonderful dimension to the artwork.


If you’re not a handyman or an artist or you just don’t want the roofing sheets around anymore, you can always recycle them. Metal is one of the most widely recycled materials in the world, so metal roofing sheets can be easily recycled. If you know what metal your sheets are made of it will be easier to find an appropriate recycling facility. You can compare metal scrap companies online to determine where you can get the best deal. Then you can either drop the roofing sheets off or arrange to have them collected.

You’ll no doubt need to replace those metal roofing sheets with new ones, and Bushbury Cladding can help. We can provide you with metal roofing sheets for a variety of needs, in a range of thicknesses and in a variety of finishes.