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DIY Projects for Your Garden

Gardening is an excellent pastime at any time of year, but with most people staying at home at the moment, there’s never been a better time to take on some gardening projects that you’ve been putting off for years.

Whether it’s creating some beautiful flower displays, building a new fence or a shed, doing something creative with your hands is certainly a wonderfully productive way to keep busy while you’re at home. Here are some fantastic ideas for DIY projects that you can do right now:

Window Boxes

If your windows are looking a bit bare, why not craft your very own window boxes? This can be done very cheaply, all you need is some wood, screws, a bit of paint and something to plant in them.

Simply cut your boards to the desired length and construct a rectangular box. Then paint it your desired colour to match or complement your windows and fill them with beautiful flowers, or even herbs so you can use them in your cooking.



Firepits are a great outdoor accessory. When the weather turns cool, you can still enjoy your outdoor space by a roaring fire with your family and friends. Even in the summer, they make a great addition to those warm evenings with a refreshing drink in hand.

For a traditional firepit, you will need to dig a hole in the ground, fill it with pebbles and then add patio pavers to the sides of the metal base to create the pit. It’s a great choice in you want to burn real wood rather than using a gas burner.


Log Planter

If you need to cut down a tree in your garden, why not repurpose the log to make your very own log planter? Using an old, hollowed-out log as a natural garden is a beautiful way to display plants in a unique way.


Succulent Fountain

Creating a succulent display is a fantastic way to use up an old, non-functioning fountain. Using the bowl structures of the fountain as the containers, simply fill them with beautiful succulents and watch them spill over like a stunning stream of water made of plants.


Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are a great way to add adorable charm to your garden area. They are great fun to build and to look at, and your kids will love them. They can be made out of virtually anything; the only limit is your imagination. Better still, most garden shops sell fairy statues and accessories specifically for creating fairy gardens.


Succulent Wreath

Who says wreaths are only for Christmas? Spruce up your garden fence or backdoor with a succulent wreath. All you need is a moss wreath, some succulent cuttings and greening pins to easily construct your very own succulent wreath that would look beautiful wherever you hang it.


Herb Markers

If you have a herb garden, get creative with markers, so you always know which herbs are which. You could use anything from pieces of old slate or bricks. Simply carve or chalk the name of the herb onto them to give a welcoming message in your flower garden.

Garden Swing

Garden swings are a great way to brighten up your garden instantly and create a wonderful place to sit and relax with a book under the sun. A DIY wooden swing is easy enough to build and would make a great all-day project. You can put it on the porch or hang it from a sturdy tree in the garden.


Hanging Birdbath

For a quick, easy project, you can repurpose everyday objects in your home to create a hanging birdbath. Something as simple as a glass lid from a casserole dish or an attractive bowl can be used to hang from a tree with some rope or twine to create a beautiful birdbath for your garden.



A great one for homes with kids, a sandbox is an easy DIY project to undertake. With just some basic supplies, you can easily create a place in the garden for the kids to play in the sand.


Bike Planter

If you have a defunct bike lying around, turn it into a vintage-looking piece for the garden. Spray paint it your desired colour and plant some flowers in the basket on the front. Leave it propped up against a tree or a fence to create a wonderfully beautiful piece for your garden.


Build a Shed

If you’ve always wanted somewhere to store your tools or garden equipment, now could be the perfect time to build your very own shed (or spruce up your old one). With some timber, you could have your very own shed in no time at all. And with steel roof sheets, you can have a weatherproof, insulated cover for it.


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