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Fitting Out Your Shed

If you’re looking for some inspiration for a summer lockdown project, then we would definitely recommend fitting out your shed with a wide range of DIY projects. Whether that be undertaking some cosmetic work to the shed itself or making some smaller project to store within it, we take a closer look at some of the very best out there.

Here we discuss some of the very best DIY projects that you can undertake in your shed, whilst also giving some insight on how to best protect your shed and all the projects stored within it!

Space Saving Storage Ideas

When it comes to storage space, it’s fair to say that there never seems to be enough in your home, garage or shed. That’s why our first recommendation is to make yourself some storage space within your shed as a priority. It’s likely that you already have some form of storage space in your shed already, but if you’re finding that your space is already starting to look cluttered, then it’s important to consider what you can do to fully maximise the space available to you.

One of the most common mistakes made is not fully utilising the entire width and height of the shed for storage. Shelves may only take up half of the shed’s total width or may stop just above head height and not go right up to the top of the shed. If this is the case in your shed, then you’re losing out on precious space to store all of your belongings.

We would recommend starting by fully assessing your current storage situation and mapping out exactly where storage space could be added and be sure to fully optimise it. Remember, no area of your shed should be off limits when it comes to finding storage space!

Whilst it may seem counter productive to rip out any existing storage space in your shed, it’s worth remembering that once your new project is complete, you’ll have plenty more space in your shed.

landscaped yard

Shed Extension

Now that your shed has plenty of free space thanks to all of your storage, it’s time to think bigger. We all understand just how difficult it can be to find adequate year-round storage for bikes, but with your shed now clutter free, it’s time to consider adding a small extension to the side or rear to house your family’s bikes.

All you need to do is get your hands on some materials that are similar to that of the shed, and begin building a small extension off to the side. After you have constructed the main outer frame of this, all you’ll need to do is find a weatherproof roof to house the bikes, and you’ll free up more shed and garage space. This project is extremely space efficient and will only take up a small amount of space in your garden, so be sure to consider it if you are struggling to store your bikes.

Garage with close up of a cobweb-covered bike

Let There Be Light

One of the main problems most shed owners find is that they are completely devoid of natural light. There is good reason for not including windows on a shed, especially if you are storing a lot of high value items within it, but if you are not planning on doing this then we would definitely recommend considering installing some windows.

Installing windows is a great way to let natural light come into your shed, and has the ability to transform your shed into a summer house if done correctly! With all of the additional floor space you will have gained from following the previous two steps, you can go about making the shed into a more homely space for your family to enjoy.

Protecting Your Shed

Of course now that you have a plethora of DIY creations tucked away in your shed, it’s absolutely vital that you do all that you can to ensure that they are not damaged due to a leaky roof.

We would recommend taking the time to properly assess your shed’s current roof and check for any signs of decay as this can lead to pretty substantial leaks.

When rain does come, it’s important to regularly check your shed for any signs of leaks, as if they go unseen for a long period of time, the damage can worsen, and you could well have a complete shed rebuild on your hands.  If there is no rain forecast for the foreseeable future, then you could always carefully spray some water onto the roof with a hosepipe, and check for any leaks. Be sure not to aim the hose pipe directly at the roof though as this could cause damage!

If you do happen to spot any signs of damage to your roof, we would definitely recommend investing in some roofing sheets to protect your shed from all types of weather.


If you are looking for the perfect roofing sheets for your project, then be sure to view our extensive range. No matter what type of finish you are looking for on your shed, we are sure to have something that fits your requirements.

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