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GRP Roof Lights: Why You Should Consider Them

When a client wants you to install a roof, they are usually looking for two things: durability of the material and resistance to the elements – the UK is not precisely known for its pleasant and predictable weather. Nevertheless, depending on the project, your client may also want something that improves the functionality of their industrial buildings, shops and units. In that case, GRP clear roof lights might be exactly what they are looking for.

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What Are GRP Roof Lights?

GRP stands for ‘glass reinforced plastic’ and it’s the technical name of what you may have already known as ‘fibreglass’. This material was originally developed in 1938 and back then its main purpose was insulation. Because it is strong, versatile and waterproof it has been used in buildings for decades now. It can come in almost any colour or form, so it can suit all the needs of a given project.

How Long Do GRP Roof Lights Last?

Your clients would love to know that GRP roof lights are one of the most durable materials used in construction. There are structures made back in 1940 that are still in optimal shape today. This indicates that the life span of GRP roof lights is over 50 years, something to consider when your client is looking to make a good investment.

Besides, you can point out to your clients that GRP is a tough material that will last for decades, so a GRP roof light will maintain its qualities in all sort of extreme environments (including under water) and that is why is used in the manufacture of boats, among others.

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What Are The Benefits of GRP Roof Lighting?

  1. This kind of roofs can be installed without using any heat-related methods. Therefore, it’ll be safer and easier for your staff.
  2. Due to the durability of the material, this kind of roof will remain leak-free for a very long time.
  3. It comes in almost every colour and finish, so it suits a wide range of designs.
  4. It is a very light material so it would be easier to handle by your staff than ordinary roofs.
  5. The materials used to build GRP are some of the most affordable in roofing. That is why your client will be choosing a cost-effective roof and won’t be disappointed by it.
  6. It has a higher life span in cool places and that is why it is an ideal material for a country like the UK, where storms and heavy rains are often expected.

Bushbury  Cladding can supply you extremely high grade GRP roofing lights. You can use our tried and tested methods to install them and fix them. They come in the standard 3m and 4m lengths and can be fixed with the same fittings as our steel sheets.

As with any of our products, such as our roof cladding, we offer 7-10 days delivery, although if you prefer so you can collect them in person. Keeping you satisfied is our number one goal: contact our experienced team with any enquiry, and they’ll be delighted to help.