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How Architects Fell in Love with Metal Roof Sheets

These days if you want to get a high-end finish for your garden office or your new home, then the chances are your architect will recommend metal roof sheets. Why? Because of their durability and their good looks.

A Sharp Profile

If you’re interested in defining a sharp and very modern profile for your roof, then steel roofing sheets can create an extremely striking appearance. With a range of distinctive colours, you can recreate the look of terracotta or slate or create something very bold and contemporary that unites the walls and the roof. An architect will consider the roof of your building, whether it’s a garden office or a house, as the fifth facade: a metal roof offers the flexibility to create something truly stunning. Concealed guttering and seamed metal roofing are the high-end choices for a totally seamless effect.

sheets of metal in a pile

Green-Friendly Cred

Another reason that architects have begun to favour metal roofs is their sustainability. With a life span of at least 50 years, completely recyclable and usually created from recycled materials, metal roof sheets have impeccable green credentials. Add in their ability to reflect the heat of the sun, thus saving on cooling costs in the summer, and the fact that they’re lightweight and easy to maintain, and you have a material that creates a high-end appeal, while saving the homeowner time and money.

Agricultural-Industrial Chic

If you’re a fan of Grand Designs, then you may have noticed that galvanised metal roof sheets are the go-to choice for creating this fashionable designer look. This type of roofing is a fantastic choice for a chic outdoor office or summer house being rust and rot-proof and fire resistant. Insects can’t penetrate and it’s extremely durable and long lasting. The pitter patter of rain on the roof can be charming and relaxing. However, if you find it distracting then you can add a thick layer of insulation to deaden the sound and reduce your energy costs.

close up of sheets on roof

If you’re interested in making a very contemporary design statement with your home or garden office, then contact us at Bushbury Cladding and we’ll be happy to advise.