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How Colour Affects the Look of your Home

The colour that you use for the exterior of your home can drastically affect how it looks. In our last blog, we covered some ideas for how to create the perfect home exterior, but colour also plays a huge part in how your home is perceived by others.

It may sound like a really simple decision to make; after all, surely you just choose a colour that you like and roll with it, right? While there’s nothing inherently wrong with finding a colour that you like, it’s important to think about what that colour may say about your home – or if it will even fit in with the overall look of your exterior.

As we have a wide range of colours available for our steel roofing products, we know a thing or two about matching colours to exteriors! Need help? You’ve come to the right place!

Bold Can Be Beautiful

Many people are convinced that a bold colour scheme for the exterior of their home is something that should be avoided; maybe because they are worried that their neighbours wont approve, or feel like they are making their house stand out too much from the others that are surrounding them.

colour wheel iStock_000039406412_Small

However, bold colours don’t have to be garish or too in your face; our Forest Green plastic coated finish is perfect for those who want to be a little bolder with their colour choices without being too outlandish.

Neutral Is Still Popular

If you’re not brave enough to add a brighter colour to your home, why not choose a more neutral based tone instead?

Black Tiles Roof

Most neutral tones are perfectly matched with houses as there are generally have some similar shades within the brickwork of the home. Even grey shades such as our Goosewing Grey plastic coated finish are the perfect choice for those who want a more muted, natural finish as it will match the cement between the bricks perfectly.

Subtle But Colourful

Many people’s tastes lie somewhere in between bold and muted, so we’ve covered all bases with our coatings! If you want to add a touch of colour to your exterior, but don’t want to go too bold and bright, our range of muted tones are perfect for you.

Whether it’s a beautiful dusky red with our Terracotta shade, or a darker, more sophisticated natural colour with Juniper Green, we’ve got a colour to suit all tastes and exterior styles – it’s just up to you to choose one that suits what you need!

If you need some help with choosing the right colour for a roof within your home or garden, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01902 229412; a member of our team will be on hand to help you find the perfect roofing solution for your needs.