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How to Reduce Those Summer Energy Costs

As summer rages on, you may have noticed an unexpected spike in your energy bills. Whilst winter is usually the energy-draining culprit, people can find themselves inadvertently wasting lots of energy during the summer months without even realising it.

When temperatures fluctuate between the extremes of too hot and too cold, it’s our energy bills that take the hit as we fight to be a comfortable temperature. However, there are a few things you can do to help keep those energy bills down. So, here are some ways you can combat those high summer energy bills.

Summer Time

Install a Smart Thermostat

Whilst your heating is no doubt switched off for most of the summer months, it still pays to be even smarter about its usage. A smart thermostat can make heating more efficient by only heating rooms that are in use. They can also be controlled via your smartphone, so if the unpredictable British weather does decide to take a turn for the worst, you can turn your heating on remotely so the house will be warmed up by the time you get home from work.

Summer is great time to think about getting a smart thermostat installed, as you won’t need to use it much straight away. However, come wintertime, you’ll be extremely glad you did.

Wash at a Lower Temperature

By simply washing at 30 degrees instead of 40 degrees, you can make some significant savings each year. Your machine most likely has an eco-setting that you can use that will set it to this temperature. Just make sure you buy detergent that can still wash efficiently at 30 – you may also still want to do hotter washes occasionally to help keep the machine clean.

Unplug at the Mains

You may think that taking your phone off its charger means that the charger isn’t using up any energy, but if it’s still plugged in and the mains are switched on, you could be draining energy without even realising it. Electronics like phone chargers are little energy vampires and can still use up energy even if they’re not powering anything. Make sure when you unplug your phone you unplug it directly at the mains, or if the outlets connect to wall switches make sure that these are switched off.

Consider Cold Meals

An oven can use up considerable amounts of energy, not to mention they can really heat up a room. So, this summer, why not consider ditching conventional hot meals in favour of more cold alternatives? There are all kinds of delicious salads and pasta salad recipes that require no heat or energy whatsoever to prepare. However, if you absolutely can’t do without a hot meal, consider doing the cooking outside on the BBQ to prevent heating up your house unnecessarily.

A Salad

Dry Clothes Outside

Summer is the perfect (and pretty much only) time to make use of that glorious heat, sunshine and lack of rain to dry your clothes. That energy-absorbing dryer might be necessary for winter, but if the forecast is bright and sunny why not take advantage of nature’s dryer? Hang your wet clothes outside and let the sunshine take care of it – just make sure you double-check the forecast every few hours so there are no nasty surprises.

Keep the House Cool for Free

Probably the biggest energy drainer during summer is fans and air conditioning. The UK is not a country that copes well with the heat, our homes are designed with the cold in mind, after all. People will inevitably go out and buy fans and air conditioning to cope with the heat during those few weeks of uncomfortableness. However, if you want to keep those energy bills down, you’re better off trying to keep your house cool naturally. Here are some things you could try:

  • Keep your curtains drawn during the middle of the day to keep the sun out.
  • Replace that duvet with a breathable cotton sheet.
  • Unplug electronics – they produce heat.
  • Use natural light for as long as possible – or use efficient light bulbs.
  • Add outdoor shade for the house by planting trees.

Timers for Fans

If the heat is getting to you and you just can’t see yourself falling asleep without some cool air, get yourself a timer plug. Leaving fans on all night is not only a serious energy waster, but studies show that it can actually be bad for your health as they dry out the skin and waft allergens like dust around the room. With a timer plug, you can set your fan to switch off after an hour or so when you’re trying to settle down to sleep, so you can still feel the benefits of the cool air as you drift off without having to waste all that energy once you’re asleep.

Electric Fan

We hope these tips and tricks help tide you over through the hot summer months. And when winter finally does come around again, make sure you’re ready to keep those heating bills down even further with wall cladding sheets from Bushbury Cladding. Our cladding sheets are made from the finest British steel and will help keep your house insulated against the cold, keeping your energy bills down. Contact us today to find out more.