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How to Stay Cool in Summer with a Metal Roof

There are a number of reasons that metal roofing sheets might be the perfect solution for your home. Some of the advantages include:

Roofing sheets

The Price

They are cheap and easy to source. You can cover a far larger space for far less money, and they can easily be assembled by just one or two people, saving on labour as well.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Snow and ice slide right off them, and they are easy to keep clean.

Long Lasting

Whilst traditional asphalt roofs will last for up to 20 years, a well-maintained metal roof can last for up to 70 years.


Depending on the materials the roof is built upon, homes with steel sheets are often provided with a Class A fire rating.

Two issues that do need to be considered with a metal roof include condensation and heat. In winter, when the temperature inside the building is higher than it is outside, condensation can be a problem. During the summer, a steel or aluminium roof can heat up to over 70 degrees Fahrenheit, making the building unbearably hot.

Here are some options for dealing with these problems:


Insulation helps to deal with both condensation and heat in the summer; it should therefore be applied to all metal roofing. Insulation is most important at the very apex of the building, such as the attic space. Spray foam insulation is easy to apply and cost-effective, although foam batting is also a popular option.

A simple way to install insulation along with your new roof is to use eco roof panels, a ready-insulated solution that comprises a lightweight composite panel with an aluminium liner. Eco panels are easy to install and are suitable for newer buildings as well as older ones.

Many local councils offer incentives for insulating in an effort to promote energy efficiency, so it is worth discussing this with them before you begin, as you could get financial help.

Add Vents

Heat rises, meaning that most of the heat in any building will get trapped in the roof or attic space, if there is nowhere for it to go. Inadequate ventilation can cause problems with condensation as well as warping of the metal roofing sheets and deterioration of the roof over time. Energy efficiency will also be reduced, and it is more likely that volatile compounds will build up in the air, potentially causing problems with health.

Proper ventilation is key to regulating the temperature of a building.

Paint with Glass Paint

Scientists have recently discovered a safe and economically viable way to keep metal roofs cool in the summer, which is to paint them with a glass-based paint. The paint, made primarily of silica (one of the primary elements of glass), causes sunlight to bounce off the roof, keeping it at air temperature.

There are various benefits to using this paint, apart from it being a cheap method of instantly reducing the temperature of a roof in summer; it also extends the roof’s lifespan. As an inorganic material, glass paint is insensitive to ultraviolet rays and thus lasts longer than most other polymer-based roof coating.

Add Sod

If using inorganic materials is not the right choice for you, then why not choose a completely organic option? A sod roof allows the building to stay cool as well as looking stylish and interesting. Known informally as a ‘green roof’, sod roofs have been installed throughout Europe since the 1960s, providing a habitat for wildlife that preserves urban biodiversity, while conserving energy and even reducing noise.

A green roof requires a waterproof barrier, such as a pond liner, and layers of soil and gravel, as well as thick pieces of sod. It will need to be fitted by a professional and periodically watered and weeded during drier months. However, it does look amazing and can preserve the life of the roof for up to 5 years.

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