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How to Stop Condensation in Metal Sheds

Condensation in a metal shed can be a huge problem. When the metal is cold and the inside temperature is warm, this warm air will rise and form condemnation on the walls, windows and inside of the roof. This water can then run down the walls and drip from the roof, causing damage to the contents and structure of the shed. So, what can you do to prevent condensation from forming? Well, below we have a number of useful hints and tips.

Condensation on window

Keep the Inside Dry

What you need to consider is how to keep the inside of the shed dry. This means considering the floor, right up to the roof. Many metal sheds are built on concrete floors, which can add to the high moisture levels. Installing a functional floor can help to dramatically reduce condensation. Installing a dehumidifier can also help with this problem. Another idea is to install wall cladding sheets that keep the walls warm, helping to stop the build up of condensation.

Use Anti-Condensation Roofing Sheets

One way in which to reduce the amount of condensation on your metal roof is by installing anti-condensation roofing sheets. Condensation on top of the roof can be just as destructive as that of inside the shed. These anti condensation sheets help to absorb moisture, keeping the water away from the metal roofing sheets. This helps to prevent rust and external damage to the shed’s structure.

Add Adequate Ventilation

It is vital that the shed has adequate ventilation. Installing wall vents can create a natural and constant flow of air through the shed and will help to dramatically reduce condensation levels. Install windows that can be opened, as well as a ridge vent if at all possible. GRP roof lights may also be an option if you have the room.

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