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Ideas for Designing Your Home Exterior

Home exteriors often get forgotten about when it comes to revitalising a home. Whereas interior styles are constantly changing and evolving, more often than not, the exterior of a home will remain unchanged.

However, there are things that you can do with the exterior of your home to make it look refreshed and stylish! Want to know how? Well, the experts here at Bushbury Cladding are here to help!

Wonderful Windows

Believe it or not, the windows that you choose can greatly affect how the exterior of your home looks. There are so many different styles available, that you can almost guarantee that there’s a window design that will suit the look that you’re trying to achieve with your home as a whole.

Interior view of dining area next to big windows

Whether you’re looking to install sash windows to give you’re a home a look of elegance and sophisticated vintage look, or a more modern, sleek look with casement windows, the possibilities are endless.

It’s not just the style, ether; there’s so many different materials to choose from. Not everyone is the biggest fan of gleaming white PVC windows in their home! There’s wooden frames, wood effect vinyl frames, aluminium frames and even fiberglass frames to choose from, so there’s really nothing to stop you making the exterior of your home look how you want it to!

Wall Plants

Plants aren’t just for gardens; they’re also great for decorating the exterior of your home too!

Although you have to be really careful that you don’t choose a plant that can actually damage the brickwork of your home as it grows, there are ways in which you can encourage plants to grow up the walls of your home, adding a natural element to the structure.

Red geranium flower in the bag is hanging on the bamboo wall.

You don’t even need to have the plants growing up the wall of your home; you could create a living wall if you have a garden with a stone wall! It’s pretty easy to get plants to grow in stone walls, you just need to choose the right plants! The Royal Horticultural Society has a great guide on which plants (known as climbers) are perfect for growing up walls and structures!

Fabulous Fascias

If you’re already thinking about changing the windows that are in your home, you may also want to look at changing the fascias of your home.

Fascias are the boards which run from the point of your roof, right down to the lower edge of the roof. Usually people have their fascias replaced if they have new windows put in so that everything matches – it can often look messy or uncoordinated if the windows and the fascias are two totally different colours or materials.

Closeup on new rain gutter system and roof protection from snow

Changing the facias is a great way to subtly tie a home back together if you’ve recently changed an exterior feature!

There’s more work that can be done to your exterior than you may initially think, but they can sometimes dramatically change how the outside of your home apears– even upgrading your roofing can change the look of a building!

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