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Looking For Something Different? Tile Effect Steel Roofing Sheets

Summer is coming and the opportunity of having two dry days in a row is perfect if you’re considering working on your roof. If that’s how you make a living, you’ll also notice this is the time of the year when you receive orders for your client’s summer house, garden shed, garage… You surely want something distinctive, fresh and different for this year. Have you ever heard of tile effect roofing sheets?

What Are They?

This type of roof sheet has been altered to have a stunning galvanised tile effect, and this can be done to your exact specifications – contact our expert team and they’ll be delighted to help with your project.

They have a thickness of 0.5mm and can be cut at any length you need, up to 6m. Their finishes are varied, from polyester paint to plastic coated.

Black Tiles Roof

Where Can They Be Used?

Because of their versatile appearance they can be used in a varied range of places. For example, they are perfect to round off the design of a summer house or a garden shed. They also look good on agricultural buildings, as they provide a rustic air, or you can use their minimalistic designs to give a modern look to a domestic property.

Why Do You Want To Use Them?

They come with so many advantages that surely you won’t need much effort to convince your clients to use them. For a start, they are much cheaper than real tiles – while looking equally good. They are also considerably lighter when compared to tile, so if you’re fixing your own garden shed that will make things easier if you need to store them and move them around. Their installation is also very intuitive (basically, they go left to right). So again, if this is your first trial at roofing you can be relaxed. Also, because you (or your client) can have a personalised design you can make sure it will look great no matter the specific look you have in mind.

At Bushbury Cladding we’ll also provide you with tek screws with rubber sealing washers and steel roofing fixing, both with the exact colour that matches your roof. As you can see, our goal is making sure you get the roof you want by assisting you in every step of the process.

Metal tile close-up

Which Finish Do You Need?

Tile effect steel roofing sheets are designed with two different finishes: polyester paint and PVC plastisol. The first one is available in slate, van dycke brown and juniper green. PVC plastisol can be purchased in slate, van dycke brown, juniper green, goosewing grey, terracotta, merlin grey and olive green, among others. We’ll be happy to send you free samples of any colour you’re interested in directly to your address.

Looking for something new to celebrate this coming summer? Bushbury Cladding is a family business that only uses British steel to design its products. We’re based in the Midlands and have a national reach – offering both deliveries and collection services around the UK. If you have any enquiries or want advice on your roofing sheets phone us on 01902 229412 and we’ll be delighted to help.