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Maintenance Tips During Winter

The cold has officially set in and winter is all but officially upon us. With it comes a number of issues, specifically for your home and keeping it in the best condition for throughout the tumultuous weather winter can bring. Snow, ice and (most probably) more rain than you know how to handle.

So, what should you be doing throughout winter to keep your roof in tip-top shape?


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Sometimes the only way to know that you have a problem is to see it for yourself. This is especially the case with your roof and your gutters.

Ensure you have a structurally sound roof this winter before any adverse weather reveals the unfortunate truth unexpectedly. Signs that your roof is not in a healthy condition include a sagging roof or even evidence of leaking from in the ceiling of your attic or upper floors. Obviously, weatherproofing is important during the winter as if damage does occur you will feel the effect more adversely. So checking this beforehand is vital for the health of your home and the comfort of your family.


If your gutters become blocked – preventing water from moving freely through the system – it can cause excess water to freeze and damage the gutters.

Such conditions cause leaks and can even damage the integrity of the entire gutter. In the long term, this could mean having to replace them or even cause damage to the roof as a whole. To be safe, you should hire a professional cleaner to ensure the gutter of your roof is prepared for the approaching winter.

Adverse Weather

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One of the major concerns surrounding winter is the most torrential weather that can affect your home, especially here in Britain. One morning it may be the snow, the next rain and even that afternoon it could be as sunny as summer. This is slightly frustrating, but can also be a strain for your roof if there are issues lurking beneath the surface.

If a large snowfall does occur, you may become worried about whether your roof can handle such weight. In this case, it is best to contact a professional to discuss the maximum weight that your roof may be able to handle. Of course, having the right roofing in the first place is the first step to ensuring a strong and resilient roof that can handle even the worst of weather.

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