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Metal Roofing – An Affordable Option For Sports Clubhouses

Grassroots clubs are the lifeblood of sport in the UK. It’s at these small, amateur-level clubs where the future stars of the track, the field and the pitch are forged. Many local sports clubs are run by passionate community leaders on a not-for-profit basis – and this can sometimes mean that every expense needs to be scrutinised to ensure the club is getting value-for-money from each purchase it makes.

At the same time, decent facilities are the backbone of any sports club – whether it’s a simple building with changing rooms or a fully-fledged clubhouse complete with bar and function area, most clubs are reliant on warm, waterproof and secure premises to ensure kit is kept safe and that participants have somewhere to store things while participating in events.

View from below on new ceiling; pillars with steel joints are painted in white.

Steel Roofing Makes Sense

Metal roof sheets offer several advantages in comparison to other sports club roofing options. Firstly, metal roofing offers great wind resistance, which means it can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. With great reflective qualities, metal roof sheets help to prevent sports clubhouses from becoming too hot, which is an advantage for athletes who want to keep cool after taking part in an event. Nobody wants to enter a clubhouse that feels like an oven after running around on a pitch or track for over an hour, metal roof sheets are an affordable means of ensuring temperatures are easily controlled.

Installing a Dugout

Of course, metal roofing needn’t solely be the preserve of a sports clubhouse – it’s a great way to ensure managers, physiotherapists, coaches and substitute players keep dry during a game. Having a dugout for players to remain comfortable in before they get out onto the pitch means that they are likely to perform better than if they were simply standing in inclement weather. Corrugated steel roofing sheets are perfect for dug-outs, side-line areas and even fan terraces. It’s an affordable investment into the future of any grassroots sports club.

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