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Metal Roofs Benefit Homes and Business

In the UK, it’s rare to see metal roof sheets used on domestic property. In Australia and America, it’s much more common as householders are wise to the benefits of metal roofing, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Metal Roofing has a Long Lifespan

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If you’re installing a metal roof on a new build, it can be expected to last as long as the house. A metal roof will seal out water and be impervious to high winds and rains, making it ideal for the UK’s volatile weather conditions.

A metal roof won’t rot and is resistant to insects and mildew. Fit anti-condensation roofing sheets to deal with any condensation issues for a warm and dry installation.

Metal Roofing is Lightweight

Compared to tile or concrete tile, metal roof sheets are the lightweight roofing solution. They can even be used over an existing roof without adding weight that compromises the structure.

Metal Roofing is Quick and Easy to Install

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If you’re in the process of a new build, or if you need roofing in a hurry ahead of a forecast storm, metal roofing is quick to install. And if you’re racing the weather, a few days advantage can be crucial.

Metal Roofing is Fire-Resistant

Your metal roof is entirely non-combustible, though its fire retardant qualities will be affected if you lay it over less retardant materials. Contrary to popular myth, metal roofs don’t attract lightning strikes either.

Metal Roof Sheets Save Energy

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Metal roof sheets are ideal when the sun is blazing down as they reflect the radiant heat, minimising heat gain. Though not in themselves high in insulating properties, by using anti condensation sheets and other insulating materials and creating an air gap during installation, you’ll create a roof that keeps you property protected from extremes of weather.

Snow and Ice

Thanks to the way they interlock, and their slippery surface, metal roof sheets shed snow and ice quickly and easily. You can even fit metal roof sheets on a minimal pitch roof, keeping it leak and snow free.

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