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How to Choose a Roofer – 5 Mistakes to Avoid

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Roofer

Are you looking for someone to replace your roof, change some broken tiles or even install some roofing sheets? As a homeowner or business owner, any work that involves the roof needs to be undertaken very seriously. You don’t want to use a contractor that is going to let you down, do a poor job or overcharge you. Here are five mistakes to avoid when hiring someone to fix or replace your roof.

  1. Not Checking References

  2. Not Getting Things in Writing

  3. Not Checking Their Certifications

  4. Not Shopping Around

  5. Going with the Cheapest Roofer


Roofer on a Roof

Not Checking References

Before you sign any contracts or pay any money, you should thoroughly research any contractor you approach. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that there are many dishonest people in every line of work who may be under-qualified and just trying to make some quick money. Their work will likely be substandard, and you will have to pay even more to have a qualified professional brought in to fix their mess.

Stick to local companies and read their customer reviews to get an idea of what kind of service they offer. Alternatively, you can ask the contractor directly for references. Any reputable roofer should be more than happy to provide you with a list of contacts for previous clients who can provide a detailed insight into their work. Information on a contractor’s reputation can also be found through resources like the Home Builders Association and Better Business Bureau.

Not Getting Things in Writing

Estimates for costs, contracts and guarantees should always be done in writing, never just take someone’s word for something, even if they are from a reputable, reliable background. Without defined contracts and estimates, it’s easy to be taken advantage of as they may try to inflate budgets, ignore their requirements or warranty coverage. You would hope a reputable contractor would have your best interests in mind, but it’s best not to take the risk.

Always get the crucial things in writing so you can define the budget, materials and timeline of the project; it’ll help everything to run smoothly. Only make payments once you and the contractor have both signed on the dotted line – and keep a copy of the contract somewhere safe for future reference.

Not Checking Their Certifications

You should never hire an uncertified or uninsured roofer; it could lead to disaster. A contractor may come across as a professional, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they know what they are doing.

Before any work begins or any money is handed over, ask for proof of certifications to ensure the job is going to be performed by someone qualified to do so. There is no specific legislation applied to roofers in the UK; however, there are various schemes and certifications that are offered that can help to establish them as reputable roofers, such as the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, which ensures all members provide high standards of workmanship and sound business practices.

Not Shopping Around

If there was ever a time to be picky about hiring someone, it should undoubtedly be your roofer. Shop around before you decide, make a list of reputable companies and roofers and start doing extensive research into each one before you make your decision. It’s not a decision that should be rushed, so don’t settle for someone you think might be fine if you’re not 100% sure.

Going with the Cheapest Roofer

As with anything in life, what you pay for is what you get. Going with the cheapest deal might seem like a financially sound decision, but it can quickly come back to haunt you in a couple of months when the problems with your roof persist, and you discover that issues haven’t been repaired properly, or worse, your new roof was improperly installed.

Going through the hassle of finding a reputable roofer to repair the damage and sort out the mess will cost you more in the long run, so try not to skimp on the costs the first time around. A new roof might seem costly, but when properly installed with high-quality materials, it should last a very long time and not need to be done again – it’s a worthwhile investment.

Damaged Roof Shingles

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