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Our Guide to: Anti Condensation Roof Sheets

Your roof is there to protect the contents of your home from the elements. It’s one of the most important barriers against the weather along with the walls of your property, so you want to know that you can trust it to do its job and keep the weather out effectively.

Although you may not realise it – especially when it comes to the roof of your home – condensation is a huge problem within the home. If left untreated, it can often lead to mould forming or essential structures beginning to rot, which can potentially become very dangerous.

In order to combat this, there is the option of anti condensation roofing sheets that can be installed behind your roofing sheets.

What Is an Anti Condensation Roof Sheet?

It pretty much does what it says on the tin – it prevents condensation from forming under your roofing sheets and therefore reduces the chances of mould and rot occurring.

These two issues can cause major problems for your property as a whole, not just your roofing, so it’s essential that you’re doing all you can to prevent them from occurring.

How Does It Work?

Surely managing condensation formation on such an extreme feature on your home will be quite a difficult thing to do, so how do these sheets work so effectively?

Each sheet is made from a thick membrane which is created to absorb any moisture which it comes into contact with. With unprotected roof sheeting, water can condense on them and then trickle down and pool into sections of your roofing, or even drip down your wall.

3D water drop on white
With the anti condensation sheets, the water will be soaked in by the membrane and stored rather than be allowed to travel across the surface of the sheet. This completely eliminates the problem of water pooling in areas of your roof or causing damp, rot or mould in your property.

But where does this water go? Surely it will need to be released at some point? You’re absolutely right, but you needn’t worry that the stored water is just going to unleash itself and soak your roof!

Closeup on new rain gutter system and roof protection from snow
As the weather warms up, the membrane dries and the stored water is evaporated, emptying the stores and keeping your home dry in the process!

Keeping on top of condensation is something that all homeowners and property managers should be concerned with. If you’re worried about how condensation will affect your property and the resulting cost of repair that comes along with ignoring the problem, feel free to get in touch with us at Bushbury Cladding, by calling 01902 229412 today – we’ll be delighted to help you protect your home.