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Our Guide to: Corrugated Roofing Sheets

When you need to provide the best protection for your outdoor buildings, corrugated roofing sheets are a sensible choice. This versatile and affordable roofing solution is readily available in a range of materials and colours, is easy to fit and will offer years of reliable performance.

Here at Bushbury Cladding, we offer corrugated roofing sheets of the highest quality and which we can cut to size to suit your needs. We can also give you advice on the right corrugated roofing for your particular application.

This type of roofing is the perfect solution for protecting sheds, garages, workshops and other outdoor buildings from the elements. Metal and plastic corrugated roofing offers a low maintenance and long-lasting roofing solution and is very easy to work with.


Metal or Plastic?

Corrugated roofing sheets come in the following options:

• PVC plastisol coated
• Polyester coated
• Plain galvanised

The type of roofing sheets you choose will depend largely on your individual requirements. All offer excellent results, and the decision usually comes down to a matter of personal choice, DIY expertise and the resulting finish. Plastic corrugated roofing sheets are exceptionally lightweight, offer years of protection and are easy to install, while plain galvanised sheets offer superior protection, last for years and can also be painted to match any existing structures or surfaces.

Plastic is often much easier to work with than metal, and for this reason it is a popular choice with homeowners looking for a relatively easy DIY solution.

Choosing Corrugated Roofing Sheets with Confidence

Here at Bushbury Cladding, we offer a wide selection of corrugated roofing sheets that will ensure your property has the protection it needs all year round. Whether you live in a conservation area and need to consider a colour or style that is sympathetic to other properties, or you are looking for roof sheeting that can be painted, we are confident that we have all that you need. Contact us today by calling 01902 229412 to find out more about the products we have available, and how we can help you to experience the many benefits of corrugated roofing.