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The Benefits of Galvanised Steel Roofing

Steel is a highly strong alloy composed of iron and additional elements, such as carbon. The primary benefit steel has over other metals or alloys has always been its inherent strength and resistance to erosion. This is only improved further when it is manufactured into galvanised steel, by passing the steel through a bath of red-hot zinc, which then coats it for even further protection from erosion. This makes galvanised steel the ideal material for construction – such as roofing.

So what are the key benefits of galvanised steel when used as roofing?

Closeup on new rain gutter system and roof protection from snow

Long Lasting

Galvanised steel roofing sheets will, in most instances, last for several decades without needing any repair work doing to them. This is significantly longer than unprotected steel, asphalt or wood, which reduces long-term costs. Galvanised steel is also far stronger than tiles, which can break as a result of interference by wildlife or icy conditions.

Tough Enough to Take on Weather

If the building is in an area which is regularly exposed to strong winds and harsh weather, concrete or clay tiles can become detached and perhaps cause further damage on the way down. Galvanised steel roofing sheets, when correctly installed, are ideal for areas exposed to harsh weather and cold temperatures, due to their unfailing strength, rigidity and durability.

A wooden roof with rain gutter and drainpipe in winter

Lightweight for Most Project Types

Despite its incredibly tough composition, galvanised steel is a remarkably light material compared to other roofing options, such as tiles or slate. This means that it will be suitable for almost any type of existing roof frames in place, and can be erected with relative ease.

Eco-Friendly & Recyclable

Unlike many other materials, galvanised steel requires far less significant energy to produce and is also fully recyclable. Because galvanised steel is designed to last so long it can be considered very environmentally friendly.


Although the initial outlay of galvanised steel roofing sheets is more expensive than asphalt, it is considerably stronger and harder wearing than asphalt, and no more expensive than concrete tiles. Once the very low maintenance and long life of galvanised steel is taken into account, it becomes a financially very attractive material to work with.

Our galvanised steel roofing sheets are constructed from full prime British steel with a standard 3″ profile and are available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm thickness. Contact us today by calling 01902 229412 to discuss your galvanised steel roofing needs.