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The Benefits of GRP Fibreglass Roof Sheets

GRP (glass reinforced plastic) fibreglass roof sheets are plastic sheets which have been strengthened using glass fibres. They are the ideal solution for anyone looking at a low-cost alternative to roof lights and can offer natural light into a cladded building. There are a range of benefits to choosing fibreglass roof sheets over alternatives, here are some of them:

  1. Durability of GRP Fibreglass Roofing Sheets

    These roofing sheets are durable against the elements. They are tough and long-lasting sheets that will stand the test of time and will allow protection against the elements for years.

  2. Low Maintenance Roof Light Options

    These sheets can be cleaned using warm soapy water. Simply ensure that the GRP fibreglass roofing sheets are easy to access and you can be on your way with a mop and bucket. Pressure washers can be used but we would advise against these as they can affect the lifespan of the material. What’s more, cleaning is the only maintenance required for this type of roof light option.

  3. Flexibility for All Project Types

    Whether you are looking to let light into an industrial unit or farm building, GRP fibreglass roof sheets could be ideal. The strength and durability of the product allows for use in almost every climate. They can also be used as a ‘window’ in the side of a cladded structure too.

  4. Low Cost Roof Lighting

    Fibreglass sheets can be supplied at a reasonable cost. The material is easy to manipulate and can be moulded into many shapes and sizes, offering a perfect fit for many places. As its inexpensive and easy to use, there are cost savings in the installation and materials when you are building out your project. At Bushbury Cladding, our standard sizes are 3m and 4m length, and as the fixings are the same as our steel cladding options, it offers a great option to buy in bulk.

  5. Add Natural Lighting to Your Building

    Our GRP fibreglass roofing sheets are translucent, offering you an easy option when it comes to allowing for natural light into your space. You can brighten up your attic, allow light into a shed or outbuilding easily. What’s more is the solar glare and hot spots found with glass roof lights are not an issue from GRP Fibreglass roof lights. This transmission of sunlight into your premises also helps you to save money on energy bills as you take advantage of the natural light available. Our sheets allow for 85% of natural light to come into the building.

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