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The Importance of Wall Cladding in Winter

As the nights draw in and summer comes to a close, we find ourselves wrapping up warmer. Turning on the heating for the first time can bring welcome cosiness, as well as the dread of rising utility costs. But often little thought is given to the condition of the buildings we work in.

With a little extra care, you can help protect your work space for years to come and, in doing so, achieve all kinds of benefits when the winter weather comes. This is good for your peace of mind as well as your wallet. Wall cladding is an easy and effective way to boost the resilience and safety of your building.

Weather Protection

Cladding is a popular and efficient way to protect your building from bad weather conditions. It also helps secure against other factors which threaten the upkeep and integrity of the structures. By adding a different material to the outside of your building, cladding gives your buildings an extra skin. Just like with our bodies, an extra layer can make all the difference in inclement conditions.

Protecting buildings is crucial in the winter as wind and water can cause damage. Dealing with problems caused by weather damage can have a real impact on your business, costing you time as well as money. As well as providing a protective layer, cladding which includes ridges or another directional surface encourages water to flow away from the building. This directs water away from the surface and reduces pooling.

Raining on the roof

Protection from Chemicals and Pollution

In addition to the cold and rain, other factors can damage your building year-round. Air and chemical pollution can erode surfaces and reduce the structural integrity of a building. Cladding can help to prevent that process.

Giving your building some protection from chemicals and pollution is even more important in the winter. Pollution doesn’t necessarily increase in winter, but inclement weather conditions can drive harmful substances towards the surface of your building.

Safety Counts

As well as ensuring the integrity and upkeep of your building, cladding can help protect you and others who work there. Damage from the elements can leave perimeters unsafe. Rain which fails to flow away from a structure can cause slippage risks or seep into the building causing indoor water damage and posing a potential safety risk with electrical outlets and appliances. Cladding can prevent these risks and hazards.

Wrapping up Warm

Cladding serves as an extra layer of insulation for your building. When the weather gets colder, having an extra layer of warm trapped air wrapped around your building keeps it warmer. This benefits the structural integrity of your building, the health and well-being of your employees as well as your wallet. Reducing your energy bills is a major advantage of adding cladding to an office building in the winter.

A Bit About Us

Bushbury Cladding are proud to supply quality wall cladding for all kinds of buildings. We make our cladding from galvanised steel and offer two coatings: polyester paint or plastisol leather grain. Having helped hundreds of customers protect their buildings from the elements, we know that spending a little money and time now can pay off down the road. We’d be thrilled to talk to you about how cladding can improve your buildings this winter.