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Tile-Effect Roofing Sheets: The Best of Both Worlds for Residential Properties

Traditionally, corrugated roofing sheets have been used mainly for agricultural, commercial or industrial properties. This kind of roofing sheet has been in use since the early 19th century, but the materials used to produced it have come along way since those times. Technological advances have allowed for corrugated metals to be galvanised, making them rust resistant. As a result of these advances, corrugated metal has gained popularity as a roofing material for residential projects in recent years.

Tile-effect roofing sheets offer all the advantages of corrugated metal roofing, while keeping the more traditional aesthetic of tiling on a domestic build. Terracotta roof tiles or wooden shingles look beautiful on a house, but the costs are high and their durability cannot compare with corrugated metal alternatives.

Metal roof sheets can be a great way to create a summer house which is on trend and practical

Longer-Lived Alternatives

With a potential life-expectancy of between 50 and 100 years, your corrugated metal tile-effect roofing sheets provide excellent value and peace of mind over the longer term, as well as being cost-effective at the point of purchase compared to alternatives. If installed and looked after correctly, they could be the only roof tiles you ever purchase for your property!

Compared with a real tiled roof, tile-effect roofing sheets will fare much better in adverse weather conditions. They allow for heavy rainfall to be quickly channelled off the roof, can tolerate extremes of temperature without cracking or loosening and are robust in high winds.

A tiled roof might be vulnerable to burrowing insects and vermin that can get between the tiles and into the eaves, with tile-effect roofing sheets, the corrugated metal seals your roof in more effectively and is resistant to being degraded by insects, moulds or rodents.

Safe and An Environmentally-Friendly Choice

Tile-effect roofing tiles are both fire-resistant and non-combustible, making them a safe choice for your family home. Galvanised corrugated steel roof sheets are used to make the roofing tiles resistant to rust and corrosion which contributes to their long life-span as a building material. They rarely need replacing and are completely recyclable when they do reach the end of their use as roofing materials. Their longevity and capacity to be reused make tile-effect roof tiles an environmentally friendly choice of materials for your home.

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