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Transforming an Old Garden Shed

Sheds are more likely to have Wi-Fi than a wheelbarrow these days and many people simply waste this space. If you’ve got a junk-filled shed that’s being wasted then why not renovate it and transform it into a useful space. Here we explore how you can transform an old shed into a useful space for work or pleasure.

strips of metal

Determine What You Want to Use it for

The first step is to work out what you want. A reasonably sized shed can comfortably be turned into a summerhouse or games room for the kids, or it can be turned into a useful work space instead. Determine what you want to use it for so you can begin your renovation.

Empty it and Fix it up

A shed that has been unused for a significant period of time is likely to have some problems that need fixing up. These may include some rotted wood, a leaking roof and broken windows. Taking the time to fix these problems will immediately turn it into a usable space and it is worth investing in the right materials. Upgrading to metal roof sheets will help to keep the weather out and will make the space nicer to spend time in once complete. Consider adding extra windows to allow more light in too.

Insulate it

Once the steel roofing sheets are up and the wood is fixed, the next step is insulation. Insulating the roof and walls will turn this into an instantly more appealing place to spend time whether you’ll be turning your hand to a craft or setting a PlayStation up for the kids.

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Connect Electricity

Connecting the shed up to your electrical grid is the last step in making the shed a useful space. Doing so will enable you to use it for anything you like and will mean you can set up lights and heating in the winter, making it useful all year round. Running electricity in under a corner of the galvanised steel roof sheets is an easy job for an electrician and your new space will then be ready to go.

Oder your steel roofing sheets to get your shed renovation underway and contact us now.