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Using Cladding to Transform Your Home in 2018

With the new year comes the opportunity to get your DIY hat on and give any property, from homes, outbuildings and workplaces a bit of a makeover.

If you’re looking to give the exterior of your home a refresh, both cosmetically and practically, there are plenty of benefits to exploring new roofing sheets. It’s not just restricted to your home either – this also covers summer houses, garages, kennels and sheds, too.


There are many varieties of metal roof sheets to choose from , including corrugated steel roofing sheets, box profile roofing sheets or even tile effect roofing sheets. Each come with their own benefits, but we’ve collated a few of the top ones below for ease:

Corrugated Steel

Our range of corrugated steel roof sheets come in various thicknesses and gauges, to suit your needs. Perfect for use over garages, carports or even summer houses, the style is extremely practical, high-quality, and lasts a lifetime. Not only that, but in a country such as ours, corrugated roofing sheets help to clear rainfall fast and effectively, and the noise is much less than you may think.

Box Profile

If corrugated isn’t your thing, box profile sheets are a fantastic alternative and considered a more modern approach. We offer two thicknesses to our box profile sheets, so you can choose whichever best suits your needs, and a variety of finishes, too.

Box profile sheets offer exceptional performance, stability and look aesthetically pleasing.

Tile Effect

Designed to mimic the appearance of tiles themselves, tile effect roofing sheets can be altered to fit your exact specifications. We offer tile effect cladding which can be cut to any length and comes in a variety of finishes, perfect for making it unique to you.

Ideal for revamping that summer house you promised you’d look at this year, or workshops, sheds and outhouses, the benefits of using tile effect cladding include ease of installation, cost-effective, lightweight, and the fact they’re very aesthetically pleasing, too.

Metal Roof

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