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Using Metal Roof Sheets to Create a Trendy, Industrial Summerhouse

The weather is finally getting better with the arrival of Spring (and soon Summer) so it’s time to start thinking about sprucing up your garden, so you can relax in the sun. Constructing a summerhouse is the perfect project and can also add considerable value to your home. If you’re drawn to clean lines and the hottest design trends, the industrial look is worth checking out! Inspired by old factories and utilitarian objects, this trend is perfect for contemporary garden studios.

Metal roof sheets

How to Achieve the Look

Achieving a modern, industrial look is very simple and easier than you might think. The key is to mix materials that would usually be used in commercial and factory buildings. Metal, wood, brick and concrete are not only study and practical materials, but they are also ideal for creating an industrial looking garden room. Scout out your local reclamation yard for materials you can recycle. With a bit of imagination, metal brackets, reclaimed timber and old machinery parts can all be transformed into accessories or furniture for your new summerhouse.

What Materials to Use

Metal roof sheets are the ideal product to use for your contemporary garden retreat. Bushbury Cladding uses premium British steel which is excellent for weatherproofing your summerhouse while still being a key design feature. A metal roof is not only durable but is quick to install too. The longevity of a metal roof is a major benefit. Galvanised metal is also resistant to fire, rot and insects. Combine your steel roofing sheets with wood cladding for the walls. Using the cladding vertically creates clean lines and geometry that will enhance the overall aesthetic.

You can accessorize and furnish your new summerhouse with DIY projects using recycled and reclaimed materials. Concrete planters and tea light holders complement the look perfectly. A coffee table or shelving can be easily constructed by using industrial metal piping and reclaimed scaffold boards. Consider using leather for any soft furnishings to complete the look.

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