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5 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

If you’re planning ahead to when you’ll eventually sell your home, you may already be considering how you can add value and sell the house at a higher price than you bought it. There are lots of little details you can concentrate on during the selling process, including tidying up, adding new, attractive-looking accents to rooms and mowing the lawn. If you want to really increase your house’s selling value, however, you’ll need to put in some real time and investment.

Here are just five things that you could do to your home to boost its value exponentially:

1. Kitchen Makeover

Some consider the kitchen to be the very heart of a home. When potential buyers come to look around, the kitchen is one of the pinnacle rooms that they’ll focus on. Make sure yours is in tip top condition and consider a complete makeover if it’s seen better days.

Kitchens should be attractive, highly functional and clean in order to appeal to buyers. If you have a small kitchen and it’s not possible to extend, why not look at ways space could be freed up by redesigning the placement of fixtures like the fridge and cooker? Before replacing your kitchen, think about fundamentals such as its shape and position, decide if you need to make any structural changes, or consider whether you want to relocate it elsewhere.

Giving your kitchen a new lease of life can be a very wise investment in the long run, and you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of a more spacious, efficiently-designed kitchen in the meantime.

Couple Admiring Their New Kitchen

2. Replace the Windows

Double glazing is considered to be essential for most buyers and can add considerable value to a property. Double-glazed windows can save as much as £160 per year in energy costs. These kinds of windows not only function more efficiently, but they also give houses an updated look, giving it a clean, fresh appeal. Homes with double glazing also benefit from less condensation and mould, helping the house appeal to those with children. Additionally, given that around 79% of UK homes have double glazing, you’re already far behind the pack if yours doesn’t.

Double Glazing Being Fitted

3. Add a New Bathroom

A new bathroom or shower room is a great investment, especially if you can create an en-suite for the master bedroom. Extra bathrooms can be added by remodelling existing spaces or by extending an area of the house. Ideally, there should be bathroom facilities on every floor that has a bedroom so, if you have a loft conversion, you could consider putting a bathroom up there.

Remember, a house with two bathrooms trumps a house with just one. People don’t want to queue in the mornings anymore, they want enough bathrooms to stop them from having to hold their towel in the corridor while getting impatient. In 2017, it was estimated that an additional bathroom could increase the value of a property by an average of £12,000 (or around 5%); so, if you’ve got the means, an extra bathroom is certainly a key selling point.

4. Garden Appeal

Gardens are an important feature in a home and can add a lot of value as well as some serious buyer appeal if it is in good shape. However, you should do more than just give it a once over with the lawn mower; gardens require care and attention to make them into an attractive, useful space.

Distinctive areas in a garden are a great way to add value, such as installing a patio so you have somewhere to place a seating area. A well-designed patio will extend the buyer’s perception of the amount of useable living space as well. If you don’t have the time or means to do so, you can still do the basics, such as weeding, tidying, repairing and feeding the lawn, cutting back trees and adding some colourful plants.

A Patio in a Garden

5. Loft Insulation

Saving energy and going green are high on people’s lists of priorities when it comes to choosing a house. No one wants a home that costs a fortune to keep warm in winter. So, make sure your home is well insulated to not only appeal to buyers but to increase that all important home value. Insulated roofing sheets, roof cladding and steel cladding are highly rated for their ability to retain heat, keeping buildings warm and reducing your carbon footprint as a result.