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What Colour Roofing Sheets Should You Choose?

There’s a lot to consider when choosing which roofing sheets you want for your property. You need to decide on the material you want them to be made from, the style, such as whether they should be corrugated or box profile and how the orientation of the property might affect the kind of roofing sheets you pick. But something you might overlook is the colour of the sheets.

At Bushbury cladding, we have a number of fantastic colours for our roofing sheets, ranging from shades of green, blues, greys and reds. If you’ve decided what kind of sheets you need for your property, but don’t know which colour finish to go for, here’s how you can make that decision.

Grey Roofing Sheets

What is the Surrounding Area Like?

Take a look at the surrounding area that your property is situated in. Do trees, other buildings or farmlands surround it? The kind of scenery that surrounds the property can be a good indicator of the type of colours to go for so that it blends nicely into the area. For green areas covered by trees and foliage, Juniper Green or Olive Green roofing sheets can be a suitable choice. Or for rural areas, a muted grey or blues like Slate Blue or Slate Grey can add a nice contrast to the green that surrounds it.

Agricultural buildings look great with Van Dyke Brown or Terracotta Red, as these colours create the traditional, rustic look of these kinds of buildings. Greys and whites make an excellent choice for built-up areas full of buildings, so a property doesn’t stand out too starkly.

Are You in a Conservation Area?

Buildings in conservation areas have different rules when it comes to making changes to the exterior and interior structure. Conservation areas protect the architectural and historic interest of a place, and every local authority in England has at least one conservation area; there are over 10,000 in England.

If your property is in a conservation area, you will likely need consent to alter the property, and possibly require Building Regulation approval. You should provide samples of your chosen roofing sheets to the appropriate organisation so they can approve your plans. Colours play an important part in preserving original buildings, so selecting roofing sheets that match the colour of the unique property will give you a better chance of securing permission.

Green Roofing Sheets

Kerb Appeal

Kerb appeal refers to how a property looks from an aesthetic perspective, and this can be an important consideration if you’re planning on selling the property. In this circumstance, you will want to pick a colour that looks attractive in the surrounding area and suits the property; this will make neighbours happy and ensure it’s easier to sell.

For example, some roofing sheets have a tile effect, making them look like tiled roofs. These will fit in much better in residential areas as they will match the surrounding properties. A good colour choice is to try and match the surrounding area, by using classic residential property colours like Terracotta Red or Anthracite Grey. For modern brick homes, bright colours that suit the brick can be a good choice.

Roof Pitch

The roof pitch can affect what colour you choose for your roofing sheets, as steeper pitches will be more visible to the surrounding area. For a shallow roof, you probably don’t need to think that carefully about colour choice, and most colours would probably do. But for a steep pitch, think carefully about the colour as it will be on display for a long time. In these scenarios, look at the surrounding properties and consider the environment before making your choice.

Red Roofing Sheets

Consider What it Will Look Like

This one might seem like a no brainer, but you won’t know what the roof looks like until it’s finished. Spend some time searching through images of similar roofs of your colour choice so you can see what the finished product looks like. You could even order some swatch samples so you can view how the sheets will look before placing your order.

Consider where the roof is and whether it will be seen from other parts of the property; you don’t want a colour that will cause a nasty glare from the sunlight or create an eyesore.

At Bushbury Cladding, we have the following finishes available for our steel roof sheets:

Bushbury Cladding Colour Chart

We supply metal roof sheets, corrugated steel roofing sheets and wall cladding in the West Midlands. All of our sheets are made from the finest British steel and all our products comply with the construction products regulations, so you can purchase from us with confidence. Contact us today for more information.