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What Is The Best Material For Roofing?

A residential roof should be cost-effective, easy to maintain and durable. These are the basic requirements of a roof and anything beyond this is generally cosmetic in purpose only. Traditionally in the UK people have used tiles to protect their roof, but is this really the best material? Herein we consider some roofing materials and weigh their pros and cons.

Brown Roof Slate

Tiling Materials and Slates

As the most common form of roof protection, tiles and slates are clearly effective in keeping the weather out. One of the main pros is that they are aesthetically pleasing and are resistant to fire, rotting and also to insects. There are also lots of negatives to using tiles for roofing, however. Not least is the fact that they are extremely heavy, meaning that the roof needs reinforcement to hold them. They can also easily be damaged by branches or even by walking on them to carry out repairs.

Metal Roofing

Metal roof sheets are coming back into vogue and there are a lot of benefits to having a metal roof on your home. As well as being lightweight and easy to install, galvanised steel roofing sheets are durable, fire resistant, very easy to maintain and more energy efficient than other types of roof. There are loads of benefits to using steel roofing sheets on your home. One disadvantage is the risk of condensation occurring because of the impermeability of the metal, but anti-condensation roofing sheets can solve this problem too.

Metal tile close-up

Felt on Flat Roofs

Felt is a hugely popular material on flat roofs and can be a reliable solution. Typically this roof will consist of 2-3 layers of felt and this roofing style is suitable for all sizes of flat roof. Felt is a durable material but it does not cope well with UV light or high temperatures. The material is also expensive to transport as it is heavy and can be easily damaged in transport.

Traditionally tiles and felt have been more common in the UK, but metal sheeting can offer a more cost-effective and more durable solution for both flat roofs and pitched roofs. Before you have your roof renovated be sure to consider the merits of using metal roof sheets to reduce costs and improve longevity. Contact us today for more information.