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What Should You Ask Your Metal Roof Contractor?

If you’ve made the decision to invest in a new metal roof, then congratulations: you’ll enjoy the benefits for years to come. However, it’s important to make sure you get the right person to install it. Here are some of the key questions you should ask your metal roof contractor.

Shaking Hands with a Contractor

What Level of Experience do They Have with Metal Roofs?

Remember, metal roofing sheets are quite unique. They’ve got their own unique characteristics, and it’s important to install them in a particular way. Because metal roofs are becoming more and more popular, it’s not uncommon to find people offering installation who don’t have the necessary know-how. Always take the time to verify that your chosen metal roof contractor has the experience necessary to do a great job. Never work with anyone who’s not a genuine specialist: this is, after all, a specialist skill.

Are They Properly Insured and Licensed?

The same principle applies here. A key part of doing due diligence on a potential contractor is ensuring they have the financial back-up. If the contractor doesn’t have the necessary insurance and something bad happens, you could end up being liable. What’s more, if they aren’t a licensed contractor, you might be unable to get financial compensation in the event of any issues. Ensure you see proof that they’re fully insured and licensed.

How Will They ‘Treat’ Your Metal Roof?

It’s worth remembering that although metal roofs aren’t varnished or sealed in the same way timber roofs are, they still need to have some treatment. Though metal roofs are very weather resistant, a good treatment will still make a metal roof look great. What’s more, it’ll help to prevent the metal fading over the long-term. Ensure your chosen contractor has a plan in place for maintaining the material.

What Warranty Will They Supply?

As with any kind of roof, you should receive a full warranty that protects you against any short-term issues. Make sure you establish up-front how long the warranty for your metal roof is, and what sort of cover the warranty gives you.

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