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Which Cladding Insulates Best?

Wall cladding is a protective barrier that helps to regulate the interior heating of a building, preventing the elements from affecting the main structure. Cladding can be fitted easily by professionals, and there is very little maintenance required afterwards, making it a very cost-effective option for both homeowners and businesses. The heat efficiency that cladding creates means that less needs to be spent warming your building, lowering the overall cost of heating bills.

There are a number of different materials that can be used for cladding, here are some of the most common kinds and some information about each one so you can make the best decision when purchasing your wall cladding.

Metal Cladding


Timber cladding can be used both inside and outside of a building. It creates a warmer texture to a structure and has a natural resistance to mould and rot, so it will help protect the building in the long term.

Timber also comes in a large variety of colours, styles and textures that will not only keep a building warm but will also create a pleasant aesthetic. The material is also from a renewable source and can be re-used in the future if needed.

Timber Cladding


uPVC is a plastic material that is used for covering the outside of a building. Many people may opt for this material for their cladding as it requires no maintenance once it has been installed. When installed properly, all uPVC cladding needs is the occasional wash to keep it in the right condition.

uPVC is weatherproof and corrosive resistant, making it a great choice regardless of the kind of climate your building is in. This material is cost-effective and comes in practically any colour, making it appropriate for almost any type of building. It removes the need for painting after installation. However, this material cannot be recycled and is, therefore, not a sustainable choice.


Stone cladding involves the use of thin layers of natural stone on the exterior of a building. It gives the structure a beautiful elegance and style that is unique compared to other kinds of cladding. It is often used in decorating landscape gardens. Common stones may include slate, marble and sandstone.

Stones are an easy material to work with as they can be cut into slabs of uniform thickness that makes installation and construction simple. Many homeowners may opt for this kind of cladding because stone is a non-porous material that does not absorb moisture, protecting the interior walls from water absorption. Stone is also incredibly durable and can last for many years without losing its lustre or natural colour. It’s an excellent material for creating a homely and traditional look for a property.


Metal cladding is a popular choice for commercial and agricultural buildings because of the style it creates and its durability. Typically made from aluminium or steel, metal cladding is a cost-effective material that creates a modern look for buildings and is difficult to damage. Metal also has excellent fire-resistant properties and will protect a building from exterior damage.

Metal is easy to maintain and can be painted to create any style desired. It is also an environmentally friendly material as the metal cladding sheets can be recycled at the end of their life.

At Bushbury Cladding, we can provide wall cladding sheets for a wide array of purposes, such as for domestic properties, agricultural buildings and commercial properties. Our cladding is provided with all fixing screws to ensure a quality finish, but we can also provide a number of other accessories such as barge and ridge flashings, metal guttering and foam fillers. We can make flashings to your specific requirements, and we can fold any angles to suit your needs.

Roofing Sheets

Our sheets are made from the finest quality British steel and are available in a wide range of colours so that you can create the right aesthetic. Transform your property and give those internal and external surfaces a new lease of life with wall cladding sheets from Bushbury cladding. Our cladding sheets provide high thermal insulation and weather resistance, and if you need an installation service for your sheets, we can provide you with an expert team to ensure a swift fitting of any cladding or any of our metal roofing sheets.