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Why Galvanised Sheets Will Protect Your Roof for Decades

As one of the UK’s premier providers of galvanised steel roofing sheets, we at Bushbury Cladding are dedicated to bringing the most sustainable, best-quality roofing solutions to buildings around the country. Here we’re taking a look at the reasons why the longevity of galvanised metal roofing sheets makes them an ideal investment for your building’s future.

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They Repel Natural Pests

When future-proofing your building, one of the main considerations has to be how any major additions will weather the forces of nature – especially the little critters who sometimes seem determined to destroy your hard work!

Steel roofing sheets keep insects like termites away, preventing infestations and increasing the lifespan of the roof. Furthermore, there is much less chance of the roof becoming susceptible to rot – a major benefit of this modern, innovative material over older materials like clay and asphalt.

They’re Immune to Rust

Prior to the development of galvanisation technology, steel roofs were vulnerable to rust. But now, the major advantage of a galvanised roof is that it is almost immune to the curses of oxidisation and corrosion.

This means galvanised roof sheets are likely to outlive us all and last for up to 100 years, giving you peace of mind and making steel an ideal upfront outlay. Don’t risk the perils of false economy: investing now means shelling out less in maintenance costs over time.

They’re Friendly to the Building

A common misconception about metal is that it is a weighty substance with a heavy load and a consequent negative effect on all that sits under it.

But the reality is that galvanised sheets are actually remarkably feather-light. This is an important structural consideration, as it is one less bulky material for the building to have to support and so the chances of the building or its foundations being damaged are lowered.

If you’re interested in bringing the benefits of galvanised steel roofing to your building, contact us today. We have all sheets in stock and can offer you a bulk buy discount to save on the price per foot, so don’t delay!