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Why Metal Anti-Condensation Roofing Sheets are Best for Tiny Houses

With property prices at an all-time high and many first-time buyers struggling to gain a foothold on the property ladder, more and more people are turning to self-builds as their only viable option. However, even building your own place can be expensive and cost-prohibitive, unless you opt for a ‘tiny house’. Although they originally gained popularity in the United States, tiny houses are now becoming increasingly popular in the UK and can be the perfect housing solution for those on a limited budget.

One area where savings can be made in the construction of your bijou pad is the roofing material that you choose for your tiny home.

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Why Metal Roofing is the Best Choice

Builders of tiny houses are now choosing metal roofing sheets as the best option. Very small properties can be prone to condensation, especially during the winter months when the heating is switched on. This is because such a confined space, although cheap to keep warm, typically does not have very good ventilation. However, anti-condensation roofing sheets can help to solve this problem.

Metal roofing also offers a number of other benefits to tiny house owners. It is very lightweight in comparison to traditional shingles, offers great wind resistance, and it is not flammable, making it a very safe choice. Tiny houses can become very hot during the summer months, and metal roofing has good reflective qualities, preventing the home from becoming like an oven, which could easily happen with shingles or slate.

When planning your tiny home, keep in mind that residential metal roofs require a 3:12 roof pitch. Note too that metal roofing may also have a recycled content as high as 95%, which is great news if you’re an eco-warrior. In addition, metal roofing reflects radiant heat, helping to cool your home, which is a real bonus if your tiny home is going to have a loft or attic.

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