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Why Metal Roof Sheets are Best for Your Warehouse

Your warehouse, just like any other large building, has very specific roofing needs. It needs to be perfectly waterproof, temperature controlled and able to withstand a range of weather conditions. That’s why you need metal roof sheets, and here are 5 reasons why it’s the best material for the job.


5 Reasons for Using Metal Roof Sheets for your Warehouse:

1. Low Maintenance Costs

A properly fitted and well-maintained metal roof will have minimal lifetime costs when compared to materials like asphalt and may have a serviceable life of 50 years or more. Better yet, you can install steel roofing sheets directly over an asphalt roof.

2. Energy Conservation

Metal roofs can accommodate thicker insulation, and that’s important when 30% of heat is lost directly through your roof. In fact a sound roof design, properly implemented, can result in energy savings of 40%, making your warehouse more energy efficient and resulting in a significant saving for your business. An energy efficient roof will add rental and resale value to your warehouse, too.

3. Superior Weather Resistance

Metal roofs are extremely durable and can tolerate extremes of weather while staying bone dry. They’re resistant to hail and snow, and will dissipate lightning more rapidly into the earth for less risk of damage. Metal roofs are also extremely fire resistant making them a valued choice for safety and security. The use of anti condensation roofing sheets will swiftly deal with any condensation issues caused by extremes of weather by absorbing condensation droplets into the membrane and stopping the problem in its tracks.

4. Temperature Control

Metal roofs make excellent cool roofs as they repel, rather than absorb the sun’s heat. This significantly impacts on the need for costly air conditioning units and keeps your warehouse at a more comfortable ambient temperature. In fact, metal roofs can even outperform tensile membrane roofs, reducing heating and cooling costs by 40%.

5. Greater Sustainability

Every company has sustainability targets and by using a material that it is 100% recyclable, metal roofing can help your warehouse achieve and exceed those targets.

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