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Why You Should Choose Clear Roofing Sheets

Quality cladding is essential in delivering to you a reliable and durable roofing solution. It should be able to be malleable to your unique needs, as well as offering an effective solution to keeping out the elements.

While each type of roofing sheet has its own advantages, many are opaque or translucent. One, often overlooked, roofing sheet is the clear roofing sheets. Many think that because it is transparent, that it lacks in durability and versatility and that it offers a less-effective roofing solution; this is far from the case.

Clear Roofing Sheets


At Bushbury Cladding we strive to provide only the highest quality cladding; this extends to our clear range. There can be no compromise for quality when it comes to something as essential as your roofing, and you can rest assured that when we put our name to it, we are delivering only the best.


As the clear roofing sheets we provide are always of a high quality, you can be confident that the durability will follow suit. Durability in all weather environments is of paramount importance; so whether sunny, snowy or windy, you need to be confident that your roofing won’t cave under the pressure.

A Viable Lighting Solution

A great advantage in choosing clear roofing sheets is that it allows more natural light into your building. We offer roofing sheets that are a 1m standard in terms of cover, which allows 85% of the natural light that hits it to pass through and enter your premises. This can not only improve safety with regards to visibility, but can even help you notice a significant saving on your energy bills, even throughout the winter months.

If you are operating a building for agricultural purposes, being able to provide effective lightening for your animals can greatly help with making their habitat more comfortable. As a farmer, protecting the welfare of your animals is of paramount importance and something to consider when selecting your cladding.

Aesthetically Pleasing

While the extra light can improve the aesthetics indoors, they can also improve the aesthetics on the outside of your property. Our clear roofing sheets serve to blend in well with other roofing sheets, so you not only get to benefit from both the combined levels of waterproofing and durability, but can also keep your aesthetics in keeping with the rest of your building, regardless of your original choice.

So, selecting clear roofing sheets offer many advantages – as do all of our cladding. But if you’re looking for a roof cladding that is guaranteed to help improve the lighting in your premises, without impeding on the original aesthetics of your building while still, simultaneously delivering the same quality and durability with which our name is synonymous, then a clear roofing sheet is just for you!

If you are considering clear roofing sheets, or would like to discuss your choices further, why not get in touch? Our team are always happy to help address any queries you may have, and would relish the opportunity to ensure that you are your premises are receiving the protection you deserve – particularly on the approach to winter.