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Why You Should Have Anti-Condensation Sheets

You may or may not have heard of anti-condensation sheets yet, but either way, you need to know why they are an essential choice for your roofing. Condensation can have terrible effects on our homes, causing problems that can affect the very fabric of the building and even cause problems indoors. Condensation can potentially cause issues that could make selling your home difficult. Read on for a quick look at why you should have anti-condensation sheets.


How Condensation Happens

Condensation happens at a certain humidity when water droplets form on cold surfaces. You most likely experience it in your home on windows or around the front and back door where you can visibly see it form as condensation and then later see it turn into damp and mould, or perhaps rotting your woodwork. When it happens on your roof, you are not always likely to see it, not until it becomes a problem anyway. Condensation in the roof, however, has become much more of a problem in recent years as insulation has been added.

The Effects of Condensation

The ill effects of condensation in the home are manifold. Condensation can lead to rot which, when left untreated, can cause huge problems in your walls. It doesn’t just rot wood either; condensation can even deteriorate bricks and mortar, the very materials that hold your home together. If the rot gets through into your home, it can cause mould to appear on your walls. Mould is more than simply an unsightly stain, it can cause health problems including respiratory problems and allergic reactions, especially in young or old people or those with underlying health conditions. If you try to sell your home and a surveyor finds damp or rot, this could severely delay the sale or even cause it to fall through.

Anti-condensation roofing sheets, like those from Bushbury Cladding, are used in conjunction with roofing sheets and can be applied to a number of different roof sheets. They work by taking the moisture in, absorbing it and then evaporating it back into the atmosphere when it warms up. These sheets prevent the moisture from getting into your woodwork, walls and home.

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