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Winter Proofing Your House

Preparing Your Home For Winter

As winter approaches, it’s essential to prepare for the cold months ahead. The turbulent weather can wreak havoc with homes, driving up our energy costs and causing severe levels of physical damage when problems are left unchecked.


Winter Scene

Fortunately, by planning and putting measures in place, you can minimise the disruption to your life and your home. Here are some tips for winter-proofing your home:

  1. Plan for Power Cuts

  2. Clean the Gutters and Drains

  3. Install a Programmable Thermostat

  4. Get the Boiler Serviced

  5. Compare Energy Prices

  6. Draughtproof Doors and Windows

  7. Make Sure You’re Insured

  8. Invest in Wall Cladding

  9. Insulated Roof Sheets

Plan for Power Cuts

Power cuts are few and far between in the UK, but they do happen, and they’re more likely in winter with the bad weather. Before power outages have the chance to strike, make sure you and your family are prepared for one. Gather everything you might need during a power cut, such as torches, candles and matches, some non-perishable food, some non-electronic activities like board games, portable chargers and a first aid kit, and put them somewhere safe and accessible.

Chances are you won’t need them, but if a power cut occurs, you’ll be glad you were ready.

Clean the Gutters and Drains

If your gutters are stuffed full of leaves and debris thanks to the windy autumn, you may need to get up a ladder and help to clear them of the gunk. Without clear gutters to drain rainwater, the water will stagnate on the roof and potentially leak into the house, causing problems to the ceiling and walls. Not to mention that the extreme cold could freeze the water, and if it’s gotten under your roof tiles this could cause them to break, costing you in expensive roof repairs down the line.

Before it gets too windy and wet to go up a ladder at the side of the house, make sure those gutters and drains have been cleared so your gutters are winter proof

Install a Programmable Thermostat

It can be tempting to keep the heating on all the time during winter so that it’s nice and warm in the house in those frosty mornings and when you get home from work. However, this will rack up those energy bills, and it’s simply wasteful to have the heating on when no one is in the house. Instead, to winder proof your house without costing you too much money consider getting a programmable thermostat installed so you can programme the heating to switch on at those crucial times. It’ll be just as warm and toasty, but without all that wasted energy.

Programming Thermostat

Get the Boiler Serviced

Ideally, your boiler should get serviced every year to make sure it’s in working order. However, if your service isn’t due until mid-way through winter, or just after, you may want to consider getting it done now before the cold settles in. If it turns out there’s a problem that may take some time to deal with, or you need a new boiler entirely, it’ll be much easier to do this before the temperature really starts to drop.

Compare Energy Prices

It may seem like a chore, but if you’ve not compared prices for a while, it might be worth shopping around on price comparison sites. Now is the time when your heating will come on much more frequently, and you’ll be paying more, so it might pay to have a look for a better deal than your current supplier.

Draughtproof Doors and Windows

This is something simple you can do to help keep the heat in your home, allowing you to save on your energy bills. A lot of heat can escape through windows and doors that have gaps, so make sure you get them draughtproofed and winter-proof them before the chilly evenings start to kick in.

Make Sure You’re Insured

Double-check to make sure your home insurance policy covers against any winter-related damage such as storm damage. A lot of insurance companies won’t cover this as standard alongside the usual fire, theft and flood protection, so double check your policy and consider adding this on if you live in an area that could be at risk.

Home Insurance

Invest in Wall Cladding

Investing in decent wall cladding to winter-proof your home for the hostile winter weather is essential, not just for the enhancement of your home’s value, but also to protect from the elements. It helps to insulate a building, providing additional protection as well as retaining heat.

Insulated Roof Sheets

Roof sheets are also great for retaining heat, minimising the loss of heat through the roof. They will keep a building warm, while also reducing your carbon footprint and reducing the cost of your energy bills.

Roof Sheets
At Bushbury Cladding, we supply high-quality wall cladding sheets made only from the finest British steel; they are incredibly robust and able to withstand both cold and hot weather conditions, making them ideal all year round. We also supply metal roof sheets, steel cladding and more. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about any of our products.