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Choosing the Perfect Roof Look for Your Summer House

With summer here, it’s time to enjoy everything your garden has to offer. When it comes to garden buildings, nothing can beat the elegance and practicality of a summer house. They come in many shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common: they put that extra vacant space to use and transform your garden into something special.

If you feel like staying indoors but not in your home, a summer house is a perfect solution for you. A summer house has many uses, such as a studio for your arts and crafts or a reading nook. It can even be used to provide shade from the summer heat while allowing you to benefit from the scenery around you.

garden house

Different Roof, Different Look

A fantastic way to ensure that your summer house will have a look to match your garden and home is to pay special attention to the roofing. The roof of your building will be constantly exposed to the elements, be it rain, snow or sun, so you need to use only high-quality roofing and ensure everything is designed correctly.

A good design also showcases the beauty of a summer house! This includes the types of materials you should use and how. For example, tile effect roofing sheets are easy to install and available in many colours to be tailored to the specific look you desire for your summer house.  They also offer you the benefit of a contemporary look, ideal for gardens with modern decorations.

rain metal roofing

On the other hand, anti-condensation roofing sheets can be seen as more practical than aesthetic, though their importance is the same. These roofing sheets are designed to prevent any condensation built up from developing into a harmful mould that will damage the walls of your building.

The changing weather in the UK makes choosing a roofing material that can thrive in all climates vital. Glorious summer days can quickly be replaced with rain showers faster than we’d like. Any water will condense on metal roof sheets and potentially soak into the walls and trusses. Our superior solution is the addition of a thick anti-condensation membrane on your chosen roofing sheet. This practical addition holds any condensation generated until a sunny day when the warm roof evaporates the moisture, leaving your building safe.

This membrane can be added to various metal roofing styles, such as our box profile, corrugated and popular tile effect sheets. In addition, they can be provided in various finishes and designs, allowing our customers to choose something that suits their garden house aesthetics perfectly.

How Much Space Will Your Summer House Occupy?

If you want your summer house to be the centre of your garden, you must ensure that it fits. A small garden with a big summer house is not ideal. Picking the right size means you’ll enjoy the available space in your garden without encroaching on decorations, trees and flower beds – which can ultimately make your garden look cluttered. The contrary is also true. A large garden should have an appropriately sized summer house.

Style is Everything

transparent garden house

Ultimately, you must pick a summer house that will match your garden and home in design. To create the perfect retreat, you need to choose whether the building will be more traditional-looking or modern. You should decide if it will have a porch, choose the furniture and the decorations, and get windows that let you enjoy the view of the garden. It’s easy to forget the roof when making these design choices but choosing the wrong roof will be a surprisingly visible flaw.

Whilst choosing a beautifully designed tile effect roof sheet is a good idea for any building, garden houses have the unique choice of picking clear roofing sheets too. Selecting a translucent roofing material can protect your garden building from the elements without limiting the glorious sunshine available.

metal roofing tile style

At Bushbury Cladding, we offer high-quality transparent roofing sheets at the standard 1m in terms of cover; these are very durable and allow 85% of natural light to pass through, providing you with a well-lit outdoor space to enjoy away from the comparatively darker interior of your home. This enables you to create a conservatory-style structure to relax without needing to connect it to your home. We also offer high-grade GRP lights compatible with clear roofing sheets for our customers. Our lights are ideally suited for corrugated 3” or box profile 32/1000 sheets.

At Bushbury Cladding, we can provide you with the best metal roofing sheets for your summer house, as our vast range of roofing products is ideal for various climates and gardens. Don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call on 01902 229412 to learn more about how to achieve a look for your garden house that is both durable and beautiful.