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Steel Roof Sheet Colour Chart

All available finishes for our galvanised steel roof sheets:

Juniper Green 12B29

Olive Green 12B27

Moorland Green 12B21

Slate Blue 18B29

Sargasso Blue RAL5002

Slate grey RAL7015

Merlin Grey 18B25

Anthracite Grey RAL7016

Goosewing Grey 10A05

Terracotta Red 04C39

Van Dyke Brown 08B29

Jet Black 00E53

Galvanised Finish

Grey Alkyd 10A05

Pre White 00E55

Please note!

Due to the nature of polyester paint we cannot guarantee all sheets delivered will not incur some kind of scratch to the powder coat finish as this is very easy to mark during transport and handling. For durability and wear we recommend the plastic coated finish.

Caps are provided with all fixings to match the sheet colour of your choice!